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EQUAL Application Amplifying people's performance with real-time application to drive production efficiency and real improvement by the way organization interacts with their communities. MORE DETAILS Building Paradigm
EQUAL ERP Transforming business with
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The complete business application with a comprehensive range of features built to strengthen your infrastructure that guides your business toward growth and profitability. MORE DETAILS


Who Are We

EQUAL the integrated ERP solutions build to
meet the needs of midsize and large enterprise businesses.

EQUAL the integrated ERP solutions

All-in-one suite

EQUAL designed to scale as you grow with everything you need from accounting management to inventory and more.

Multi-distribution model

Available on-premise or in the cloud that works on all operating system platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Business intelligence

Instant access to all your organization data that enables to make the best decision and delight customers every time.

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What We Do Best

We offer EQUAL the enterprise-level tool suite for
achieving collaboration across various business functions



EQUAL the intelligent, industry-specific, cloud-based ERP solution with features designed for your own enterprise

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  • Comprehensive accounting
  • Feature-packed HR tools
  • Automating maintenance


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27 Aug 2021
What is the purpose of HRMS Software
When a business grows, the business complexity and competition increase that makes the employee administration process difficult. The increase in the administrative process directly affects – the efficiency and the lives of HR employees of the organization. Hence, incorporate Cloud-based human resources software in the organization to – balance the administrative works, get maximum output from the employees, […]

26 Aug 2021
Why do businesses need accounting software?
Accounting is a cornerstone of every business, but it can be difficult to manage without the right tools and resources. Paying attention to the company’s finances can assist the organization to track growth, manage cash flow and guard you in the audit period. Hence startups and enterprises must show increased concern with accounting activities. Before […]

26 Aug 2021
What are the tenant and landlord maintenance responsibilities
  Every rental, lease, property, and facility management follows some basic maintenance program for their assets, process, and equipment to prevent any unexpected breakdown followed by the inconvenience caused to their clients, residents, or tenants. Even though issues related to maintenance activities still pop up in the rental properties. In that case, both the tenant […]


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