EQUAL is a scalable and fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to manage your entire business procedures in an organization. The ERP suite offers a comprehensive one-stop solution to all your business requirements from finance to customer support. EQUAL is a brand that inspires admiration and trust among the business leaders in the UAE.

Our product integrates and automates the company’s core business processes into a single system that helps them focus on effectiveness and simplified success. The ERP modules designed around the needs of the client’s business procedure make EQUAL a powerful, flexible and industry-specific ERP suite. The real-time data-analytics enables us to make informed decisions on-the-go and accelerates sales and profitability in the business.

The process of selecting an efficient ERP solution for an organization allows businesses to analyze and optimize all areas of operations. Our team has knowledge and expertise to provide guidance throughout the ERP implementation process. Stay ahead of your competitors with our best in the class custom EQUAL ERP system.

ERP Software Solutions in UAE
  • ERP Software Solutions in Abu Dhabi
  • ERP Software Solutions in Abu Dhabi
    “Streamline and Optimize Enterprise Operational Efficiency with EQUAL.”
    EQUAL the effective Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
  • ERP Software Solutions in UAE

Features of EQUAL


Robust, Scalable Systems

Efficiently scale business with customizable and powerful Enterprise Application Suite. The product has the ability to handle exponential increases in transaction volume, workload and amount of data.



EQUAL automates frequent monotonous tasks including accounting, payroll, order entry, invoicing and reporting. The automation helps to cut off the working hours of the staff and help them to focus on more important assignments.


Highly Secure

Meticulously designed modules promote business security. The role-based access control system of EQUAL assist in eradicating the risk of fraud in a comprehensive and integrated manner.


Business intelligence

Our product enables the constant flow of real-time data that is accessible to every member of an organization. The availability of business data assures to manage operations more effectively and flexibly.


Quick integration

EQUAL offers unique capabilities for Quick and fast integration of ERP modules that automates complex processes and ensures a seamless flow of consistent information available to all individuals and departments of an organization.


Proven Reliability

EQUAL has built-in communication tools and mobile apps. Besides, the powerful enterprise and cloud solutions integrated, EQUAL improves reliability to a great extent with well-understood and extensively tested standard logic structures.


Reason to choose EQUAL

  • Industry expertise
  • Fully integrated solutions
  • Security and Regulatory compliance
  • Quick implementations
  • Dashboard analytics

Increased competition and consumer expectations make a tough market. To survive and meet the disruptions, business owners need extra-ordinary solutions to support and manage uncertainty. As one of the most advanced ERP solutions in UAE, EQUAL combines the latest technology with modern business practices to streamline operations and maintain data with ease. Leverage this centralized cloud-based ERP to assist your business to compete and grow. Our product covers all the core elements of traditional ERP, with primary modules including Accounting, HR & Payroll solutions, property, club, facility and cleaning management services. The ERP suite built with user-friendly platforms to create a long-term partnership with customers, offer world-class support and ensure improved revenue.

  • User-defined workflows
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Device compatibility
  • Track with numerous reports
  • Integrated CRM features.

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