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Take control of your finances with Accounting Management from EQUAL ERP. EQUAL connects with ledgers, sync expenses, balance books and makes you prepared for tax time. Our accounting suite delivers a fully integrated one-stop solution from accounting to compliance that ensures a seamless business administration. EQUAL’s accounting suite designed to reduce manual data entry and time-consuming tasks.

EQUAL accounting system assist to create reports, view finances, handle VAT and helps to stay updated on the latest financial legislation. Integrated contemporary features of our accounting suite simplify accounting business processes, reduce operational costs and improve productivity and profitability. The modules of our best Accounting Software UAE assist to track cash flow control and finances in one place with access dashboard and reports.

The smart dashboard creates a real-time view of your business status to make a smart business decision. Our Business Accounting Software Solutions enables us to generate and send invoices on the go from laptop, smartphone or tablet. This instant invoice feature reduces delays and piles of paperwork in your organization. Our accounting suite enables us to view the entire balances and transactions in one place with all the required details and make sure to meet the upcoming expenses of an organization. Integrate the Top Accounting Software in Abu Dhabi to manage accounts and business finances from anywhere, anytime.

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Why EQUAL Accounting Management?

Best Accounting Software in UAE – The comprehensive all-in-one solution
Integrate your financial information and gain complete control to ensure compliance and drive profitable growth of your organization with EQUAL. our best Accounting Software UAE is compliant with VAT as per the FTA regulations and generates return files, which helps the user to register his returns in one go. EQUAL easy accounting suite generates valuable financial reports by gathering relevant financial data from various functional departments.

Master Data

Manage your core data, ensure uniformity and avoid redundancy. The master data management tools offered by this Business Accounting Solution include company management, financial periods, chart of accounts, cost centers, default ledger settings, mappings and more. Further, EQUAL accounting management enables you to easily enrich the master data records with data from external providers while ensuring security and compliance initiatives. With EQUAL you can locate, quick access and utilize data from on-premises, in the cloud, or from third parties in no-time.

Chart of Accounts

EQUAL Accounting provides a multi-level, flexible general ledger structure that supports multiple companies, business units, divisions, departments and facilities. These features allow an organization to expand or modify the account structure as needed. Allows multiple legal entities to work with their own base currencies while consolidated into a common corporate currency at an overall enterprise level. EQUAL chart accounts follow a financial hierarchy such as assets, proceeds through liabilities and shareholders’ equity, and then continues with accounts for revenues and expenses.


Record financial transactions in order by date. The Accounts Payable module handles vendor payments and keeps track of pending payments. The system effectively handles the outflow side by offering the management of resources such as purchase orders, vendor invoices and payments. The accurate account payable process strengthens your supplier relationship with on-time payment. Our product offers the most useful features of payables for accounting software such as automatic payments, cheque writing, purchasing controls, invoice copying and master data integration.


EQUAL the cloud-based accounting system lets you reconcile all your accounts in a few clicks and make your business ready for tax-filling. Ensure cash inlays and outlays match the income cash flow statement. The reconciliation module in EQUAL accounting management provides consistency and accuracy in financial accounts to ensure the figures are correct and in agreement. EQUAL lets you connect your multiple bank accounts on a single platform and monitor the transactions to get an overview of the assets of your organization. EQUAL automates the reconciliation process between General Ledger and Bank Statement items.


Manage validation, storage and presentation of Post-Dated Cheque (PDC) more efficiently with EQUAL accounting management. EQUAL the cloud-based accounting application expertise and systematic approach result in an effective and consistent PDC management process. EQUAL supports the processing of the entire PDC lifecycle and helps you stay updated with the data for complete PDC tracking in one-go with storage of PDC cheque details such as cheque number, date, bank and branch names. The PDC module lets users enter PDC receivables and payables in the system immediately after receiving or issuing it.


Handle bills, customer accounts and process payment using the system. Account Receivables assists to manage all the incoming revenue in your business. Ensure accurate and efficient payment processing through automation of invoice and collection process. EQUAL offers the most needed account receivables tools like bill collection, online invoicing, cash receipts, etc. Additionally, EQUAL also includes sophisticated extra features such as inventory, fixed assets, invoicing, and more that help with better cash flow and higher available liquidity for use in investments or acquisitions and optimal customer service that contributes to a company’s profit.

Cheque Printing

Handle cheque transaction effortlessly with cheque printing facility of EQUAL accounting system. Print any size of the cheque with EQUAL’s smart in-built cheque printing tool and manage the payment process. Our cheque printing functionality supports templates of most banks of UAE and helps to print from their office printer itself. Enables the user to choose and customize all parameters printed on the cheque includes printing font, size and style as well as the layout of the cheque as per printer setup. This makes EQUAL accounting management the most cost-effective solution available in the market.

Inventory tracking

EQUAL provides a sophisticated, full-view of inventory management with built-in financial analysis tools. That enables a real-time overview of your product catalog to track and manage your entire stock movements. EQUAL helps to streamline your purchase movement. Our cloud-based inventory management system automates your workflows and accelerates purchase requisitions. EQUAL’s accounting management is feature-rich to offer more accuracy and consistency that benefits and guides you proactively to manage the logistics operations in your warehouse.

Financial Statements

Our EQUAL accounting system provides a complete view of the financial status of your company through comprehensive financial statements pertaining to the entire enterprise. The accounting package in EQUAL offers financial statements balance sheet, profit & loss statement, trial balance, year-end and more on an online platform. The interactive views of EQUAL accounting system provide supporting information and allow us to print or export customizable financial statements. The flexible reporting tools with pre-configured components assists in building your custom statements.


Key features of Best Accounting Software in Abu Dhabi

Best Web-Based Easy Accounting Software in UAE
  • Manage cash flow with customizable interactive reports.
  • A smart dashboard that organizes income, expense, payments and invoices.
  • Enables to create professional invoices and send them automatically while increasing insight and control on your business.
  • Data protection with authentication, role-based user privilege and multiple layers of security.
  • Post Dated Cheque alerts and notifications on the due date.
  • Inbuilt cheque printing feature to print cheque based on the needs.
  • Encounter tax reporting requirements with a full range of financial and management reports.
  • Automatically compares your financial records with your bank statements to ensure everything compiles with no redundancy.
  • User-friendly and intuitive for everyone in the organization.
  • Hassle-free management of the business with efficient management internal teams.
Best Accounting Software UAE

Top Accounting Software in Abu Dhabi for all your business needs

Easy Accounting Software in UAE


EQUAL accounting management is a user-friendly and feature-rich web-based business accounting suite for achieving your specific accounting needs. Our accounting ERP is an ideal application for small or medium enterprises looking for a customized solution that not only increases productivity by saving time but also enhances work quality.

EQUAL explores the role of interpersonal trust and knowledge required in small and medium enterprises. Every organization requires great assistance to management for planning, controlling and decision-making processes. EQUAL easy accounting system consists of various features apart from the usual accounting transactions.

Our Business Accounting Software Solutions automates many tedious and repetitive accounting tasks, which increases the accuracy of your data efficiency and reduce human errors. The data stored with reports used for analyzing a business’s growth, sales trends and other key metrics that helps you to make informed business decisions as you prepare for the future.


Highlights of EQUAL Accounting Management

Run your Business smooth like a professional with the Easy Accounting Software in UAE

EQUAL follows a transformative, integrated approach to prevent and detect non-compliance as well as potential conflicts of finance. Further, EQUAL manages compliance by integrating multiple entities into a single database thus providing one central repository of master files, transactions, and their associated audit trails.


EQUAL’s Accounting system enables you to tailor workflows, data fields, invoices, report formats and much more to precisely match your complex business needs. The customizable dashboard representation with customizable reports can help you track and manage key metrics of your finance on your industry terms.


Our intuitive and collaborative EQUAL accounting system is suitable for companies that need complex inventory formula calculation of stock in their operation. EQUAL eliminates the boundaries of time and distance for our clients to communicate, our product assists to operate and manage everything at once. This provides ultimate efficiency to complete the task.


EQUAL accounting management suite provides enhanced decision-making and improved data accuracy. This paves the way for the business owners to cut costs, increase productivity and streamline business operations. Further our product automates the financial operation and minimizes the costs of service.


Benefits of EQUAL comprehensive accounting system

Stay on top of your income and expenses with Best Accounting Software in Abu Dhabi
  • Provide better insights into your business finances.
  • Allows your professionals to work anywhere at any time.
  • Increased speed in the VAT calculation and tax filing process.
  • Instant reconciliation with bank statements.
  • Offering simple yet sophisticated cloud-based accounting modules.
  • Faster payment with online invoice sending and updating process.
  • Assists in finding and fixing errors in the transaction and invoices.
  • Ensures smart business decisions with insightful reports
  • Manage multiple companies and branches in a single platform.
  • Reduce manual errors through automation of redundant processes.

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