26 Dec 2022

What Does Property Management Software Do?

In a highly competitive property market, whether you’re an individual landlord or a commercial property manager, managing your assets is difficult. Fortunately, property management tools can automate processes and streamline operations, allowing you to focus on more vital activities. This article provides an introduction to property management software. We’ll go over the advantages of utilizing […]

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13 Dec 2022

Digitizing Hospitality Management Using Equal HRMS in the New Normal

Introduction The new normal has been a game changer of digitization plans for many organizations. Businesses today are swiftly adopting digital transformation and are very keen in implementing solutions that will automate processes and improve efficiency like never before. This presents a great opportunity to organizations that are yet to adopt this journey and one […]

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05 Dec 2022

How Will Accounting Software Help Increase Productivity

As an accountant, you’re always searching for ways to be more productive and efficient in order to better serve your clients and be more profitable. So, how might accounting software help boost productivity? The answer is simple: by automating procedures that would otherwise waste your valuable time. Accounting chores ranging from bookkeeping and invoicing to […]

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22 Oct 2021

What is the Purpose of HRMS Software

When a business grows, the business complexity and competition increase that makes the employee administration process difficult. The increase in the administrative process directly affects – the efficiency and the lives of HR employees of the organization. Hence, incorporate Cloud-based human resources software in the organization to – balance the administrative works, get maximum output from the employees, […]

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16 Sep 2021

Why Do Businesses Need Accounting Software?

Accounting is a cornerstone of every business, but it can be difficult to manage without the right tools and resources. Paying attention to the company’s finances can assist the organization to track growth, manage cash flow and guard you in the audit period. Hence startups and enterprises must show increased concern with accounting activities. Before […]

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26 Aug 2021

What are the tenant and landlord maintenance responsibilities

  Every rental, lease, property, and facility management follows some basic maintenance program for their assets, process, and equipment to prevent any unexpected breakdown followed by the inconvenience caused to their clients, residents, or tenants. Even though issues related to maintenance activities still pop up in the rental properties. In that case, both the tenant […]

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24 Aug 2021

What’s the difference between CRM and ERP?

  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) have many similarities but different core functionalities. Both are a unique business solution used to increase profitability, revenue and productivity. Wondering how ERP differs from CRM, follow this blog to get a crystal-clear understanding of both CRM and ERP difference concepts. What Is CRM? CRM […]

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14 Jul 2021

What is the Role of Maintenance Management and its Types

  Maintenance management – maintaining the resources of manufacturing or the supply chain that effectively improves the production and reduces inefficiencies caused due to the downtime of equipment or asset failures. Maintenance management is not just about repairing the faulty one and putting it back in its place. Comparatively, maintenance management has a deep root in ensuring […]

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20 Apr 2021

What are the Types of Facilities Management Services

With the evolution and demand in the market, facility management services are integrating with multi-disciplinary activities. The integration needs to meet the requirements and solving issues to create a most welcoming and comfortable working environment. Besides, there is an extensive range of facility management services found and are majorly divided into two categories called soft […]

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