Best Cleaning Management Software in UAE

Take control of your cleaning business with automated job scheduling and powerful team management tools

EQUAL Cleaning Management system provides a one-stop solution to all your cleaning business. Whether starting a cleaning business or facing challenges in your existing business, EQUAL provide the simplest yet effective system for the management and growth of your cleaning business. Our product empowers to manage booking, appointment, finance and records of your cleaning business in a way that suits your business, customers and staff.

Equip your Cleaning business with our cost-effective, intuitive and easy to use Cleaning app solution to view comprehensive business insights. Our top Cleaning Management software in UAE provides a fast and efficient customer service job operation that assures to deliver a great customer experience. Our Cleaning Management suite will help you manage your business prospects, your existing customers, your employees, and your suppliers. EQUAL can be your central business application, providing functions to help manage many areas of your business including your job planning, customer & employee, incident, holiday Management and vehicle fleet management. Further, being a cloud-based product EQUAL enables a seamless connection to communicate with your customers and field workers and keep all your Cleaning jobs on track.

EQUAL Cleaning Management suite helps service companies manage Clients by automating their job scheduling and dispatching process. This automation empowers facility managers and cleaners with precise information about which areas need Cleaning at any given moment. The system adopted for the convenience of its clients and the efficiency of its operations. Contact our team to get our expertise in Best Cleaning Management Software in UAE.

Best Cleaning Management Software in UAE

Traits of our top Cleaning Management software in UAE

EQUAL to manage and organize your business without a hassle

Smart Dashboard

EQUAL Dashboard helps to gain relevant insights and stay updated with critical information. The dashboard is customizable and can restrict access at different security levels based on business needs. Our dashboard assist to control your billing, customer follow-up, employee payroll, expenses, profits, inventory, and even rates your business management progress. Through tracking all these key metrics, EQUAL helps to jump ahead of your competition.

Centralized Database

Our centralized database maximizes data integrity and minimizes data redundancy. Further, it facilitates virtualization and provides comprehensive data access from anywhere. With all the information in one place, EQUAL allows the management to take more qualified business decisions, streamline communication and provide better access control. Workers on the field can receive and access orders quickly and check inventory with the past transaction history.

Instant Booking

EQUAL cleaning application assists to make a booking in a couple of minutes anywhere at any time. The intuitive and appealing designed user interface of EQUAL made booking easy. Further, allows to schedule, modify and cancel your bookings from all the devices. EQUAL cleaning management facilitates the client to choose the required service in a few simple steps with available options to choose service date with time and field to mention any additional notes for the service.

Notifications and Alerts

Never miss an alert and stay up to date about a purchase order, billing, change request or pending activities with EQUAL cleaning management notification feature. Based on user business requirements EQUAL allows admin to create and enable different types of alerts on SMS, emails and push notifications. EQUAL can create alerts on several events like a document or contract expiry, job or incident allocation, driver or worker new job schedule and much more.


Visually appealing and detailed reports that include lists, graphs and charts generated for higher management to make proactive decisions regarding the organization. Our Easy Cleaning Management software in UAE lets users view customized reports and download them as PDF, CSV or Excel files. Further EQUAL’s reporting feature provides reports that assist to gain comprehensive business insights on dynamic business environments.

Quotations & Invoices

Create quotations and invoices using customized and built-in templates. EQUAL automatically records the cleaners working time that helps to generate accurate billable time. EQUAL allows to submit everything to the office in real-time and hence eliminates the need for timesheets. Further, easily add the service cost estimation onto an invoice and sent to the customer within minutes of the job finishing. Thus, helps easy cash flow within the organization.

Cloud-based solution

Power-packed tools and features with cloud-based EQUAL cleaning management mobile application lets you organize your team, communicate with your customers, and grow your business from any location at your fingertips. Through EQUAL allows and provides more time to concentrate on the core functions of his/her cleaning business.

  • Advance scheduling feature
  • Efficient invoicing
  • Automated client notifications

Mobile applications

Empowering your workforce with mobile apps that enables real-time communication with clients and organization to improve overall performance execution rate. Further, EQUAL mobile apps for customers to make the booking and scheduling process easier that improves customer loyally and satisfaction.

  • Digital signatures
  • Review system
  • Online payment gateway integration.

Customizable software

EQUAL is flexible and scalable to meet unique business operational needs. Besides the features of our cleaning management system built based on the actual business requirements of a janitorial or a maid service organization. Further, one can customize the entire booking system to match your existing financial software and tools.

  • Role-based authentication
  • Customized reports and invoices
  • Customized alerts, notification and messages

Powerful and customizable modules of EQUAL

Schedule tasks and manage teams for business in the Cleaning and hygiene industry Automate service requests, job scheduling and gain complete control of your Cleaning business with our Easy Cleaning Management Software in UAE.

Database Management

Maintain a master DB to centralize and store data for various entities. EQUAL’s database lets the user manage the master resources such as companies, clients, suppliers and contractors. Further, allows us to view and manage information across multiple business units of an organization. Our product generates synchronized reports that eliminate the need to maintain a separate database and spreadsheets for individual employees of an organization.

Bookings Management

EQUAL booking management is an ideal tool to manage and organize upcoming appointments or bookings. This module lets the user keep track of the scheduled appointments, completed appointments and send alerts. With booking history, the admin can schedule appointments and allocate the required resources on the site. Further, allows us to set up automated reminders that enable us to schedule dates before their appointments.

Contract Management

Manage contracting processes right from contract creation to renewal. EQUAL cleaning management has features that assist to track your agreements with every detail of your service agreement in one place. The in-built alert system helps to remind users of notification on the contract expiry date. Additionally, generates a consolidated report on the contracts that enable to check details, build jobs, assign assets and attach contacts.

Finance Management

Our Easy Cleaning Management software in UAE enables your accounting team to access data through one system for all your reporting, invoicing and payroll needs. Accounts receivable, payable, budgeting, and general accounting calculations integrated into one system improve efficiency. The system compliant with VAT as per the FTA regulations generates return files, which will help the user to register his returns in one go.

Sales Management

Track potential customers to convert leads into sales EQUAL ensure to personalize interactions at scale, schedule more meetings, convert more prospects to opportunities, and ultimately drive revenue growth. With all your customer information in one place, you can quote and invoice them easily. Our sales module allows you to manage customer service, sales orders, shipping and bookings reports that keep your sales process lean.

Service History Management

Our Easy Cleaning Management software in UAE provides the summary of service history, status, assignment, associated repairs and also the cost spent on each service that gives the complete insight of cleaning maintenance records. Using this information, you can take proactive decisions about cleaning efficiency and worker allocation, if required. Reference to the service history helps the organization to make data-driven decisions

HR & Payroll Management

The HR module assists to manage data records, attendance and leave management of all your employees in one centralized database. The database maintains a complete employee database that includes contact information along with salary details. These details enable the HR module to schedule and deal with employees’ compensation and benefits. Further, alerts send based on the stored employee details to notify the document expiry date.

Inventory Management

EQUAL is an efficient system that assists with stock management capabilities and allows to keep track of products that is in need. With inventory management, you can set alert levels and receive a reminder to order products when the stock falls below the required level. Further, the inventory generated reports assist to monitor stock levels and provide key data that ensures to take an effective stock investment, level control and purchasing decision.

Quality Management

EQUAL cleaning management application assists to handle complaints and issues from the clients efficiently and professionally. That helps your organization to implement successful quality assurance systems for preventing future issues. The in-built features of EQUAL with customizable settings and functions enable us to view, track and take valuable actions instantly for all your customer issues, problems and complaints.

Reasons to choose EQUAL cleaning management suite

Our best Cleaning Management Software in UAE designed exclusively for your Cleaning business enhance your business capabilities with cutting-edge and feature-rich techniques.

Work order Management

Create, manage, edit and schedule jobs for the incidents created. Easily manage the availability of your mobile workforce with the integrated live Google calendar through your account. The application provides the opportunity to set-up recurring jobs that happen daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Further, it lets update job status, add notes, costs and schedule to your field workers with ease.

Rating Management

Our top Cleaning Management Software in UAE offers more insight into cleaning quality and employee performance that will help your business thrive. EQUAL’s rating system not only allows customers to rate their cleaners but all also include room for additional comments and follow-up requests that help facilities teams to evaluate their cleaning level and allows to make appropriate improvement in the future.

Customer Management

Integrating EQUAL ensures customer satisfaction at all times with tools that help you schedule, keep customers in the loop and give them access to view information and request service at any time. EQUAL assists to generate the custom report that contains the customer details along with the service history. The report acts as a reference to improve the upcoming field service to the same or other customers.

Worker Management

EQUAL helps to store data and allocate workers for specific schedules. Reports generated with real-time information on client and driver availability enables to allocate staff based on the availability, category and proximity. Further, EQUAL simplifies recurring contracts or one-off visits. Hence eliminating the hassle involved with scheduling and rescheduling bookings and other appointment processes.

Payment Management

EQUAL simplifies the payment process to your customers while simultaneously accelerating your cash flow. Enhance your customers’ experience with industry-leading payment functionality let your customer pay flexibly through credit/debit cards or by cash. Our billing system tailored based on the variables like flat rate, hour, material or property size that best match your business model.

Seamless communication

Customers, field workers and office staffs are equally important for the cleaning management business. EQUAL Cleaning Management connects and allows them to communicate effectively from any location using the latest technology. That leads to faster job completion times, improved customer satisfaction and a highly productive workforce.

Benefits of EQUAL Cleaning Management suite

Increase work efficiency with Best Cleaning Management Software in UAE
  • Equal Cleaning Management helps to get rid of paperwork and manual process through automation of scheduling, tracking, route optimization and billing.
  • The specially designed mobile application allows us to overview and adjust the field service in real-time.
  • The availability of real-time data anywhere anytime helps your staff to feel more motivated and less stressed.
  • EQUAL enables efficient communication and ensures to provide an instant overview of the status of your facility and cleaning needs.
  • Our cleaning management suite helps to manage staff personal details, staff assignments to customers, staff schedules and staff working status.
  • Allows creating quality audits and work orders for customers at multiple site locations with ease.
  • Equal Cleaning Management with CRM (customer relationship management) lets you deliver them a consistent, high-quality service that can save time.
  • Generate digital invoices that help to get faster payment even before the workers leave their site.
  • Cutting edge tools and advanced features of EQUAL help you keep in control of your mobile workforce, their bookings, invoices, payments and accounts.
  • EQUAL has intuitive and easy to use interface that requires no training and also enables easy integration with other available tools of your organization.

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