Customized and Best Club Management Software in UAE

Engage your members and grow with your community

EQUAL offers a cloud-based Club Management solution for small to medium-sized organizations that manage all aspects of the event planning business. Our top Club Management Software in UAE is a comprehensive system developed with an intent to reduce the expense and improve efficiency through centralized event management, data-driven decisions and enhanced security protocols.

EQUAL offer a club-branded app that is simple and has a range of ever-expanding features to automate tasks and streamline your club business. Inform and engage your attendees with our powerful mobile club applications. The easy-to-use mobile application can improve the attendee experience through added opportunities for engagement and interaction. Further, the real-time event reporting dashboards help you save time, keep organized and plan a more seamless club event.

EQUAL Club Management includes membership management, automated billing, integrated marketing and sales reporting. These features provide real-time and updated information on all processes at any given time that enhances purchase activities, pricing policy, finance and production decisions of your club. The suite customized based on the unique business needs and ensures to retain your client for good. Get in touch with our team to get our expertise in the Best Club Management Software in UAE.

Best Club Management Software in UAE

Easy club management software in UAE

Easy Club Management Mobile Application (Android/ iOS)

EQUAL Club Management is a fully native application that works for both Apple iOS and Google Android Smartphones, Tablets and iPads. Our Club Management platform offers the essential tools that you need to manage your business and engage your club members. The innovative features with clear design help with the hassle-free progress of your club.

Our easy Club Management mobile application enables us to communicate with your club members in a new, simple way. Our member portal and application encourage member visitation and bookings with online sign-ups and bookings. EQUAL mobile app allows us to send push notifications to targeted groups of members or even create custom surveys for specific groups and events. The club ready-made functions of our EQUAL Club Management application help to save time and money that needs no IT expertise or developers. Contact us to get a demo on the mobile application of Easy Club Management Software in UAE.

Modules to enhance Your Business Capabilities

Stay competitive with industry-leading features of EQUAL

Event Management

Streamline events and eliminate time-consuming tasks by leveraging the array of tools. Our product manages events through detailed steps like identifying the target audience, plan the logistics and coordinate the technical aspects before launching the event. EQUAL provides tools to monitor event expenses, sponsorships and budget analysis to manage the entire event lifecycle.

Membership Management

Handle membership records and details of existing and new members. EQUAL’s centralized database assists to save and edit member records. Facilitates automated approval of member registration and assist to upgrade or downgrade memberships easily. Further, the in-built alerts and notification of EQUAL help the members to remind the upcoming membership termination date.

Reservation Management

Manage facility reservations and bookings for halls, conference and meeting rooms. EQUAL Club Management offers a properly maintained list of reservation details that help to efficiently monitor the registered people. Our product provides a consolidated schedule to check resource and facility availability. Allows the organization to create a waiting list to deal with canceled appointments.

Coupon Management

Our Best Club Management Software in UAE helps to promote and make attendees register for the event through coupons and offers. Assists to provide attendees advance registration and early-bird discounts that help to run ticket sales. Coupon management does more than just selling tickets and ensure to give valuable insights into the minds of your attendees.

Finance Management

Integrate your financial operations to ensure compliance and drive profitable growth. EQUAL’S system compliant with VAT as per the FTA regulations that help to generate return files and register his returns in one go. Further help to keep track of the funds, predict expenses and calculate savings of the club. The history of transaction details helps to take control of the invoice management process.

Financial Report Management

Gather relevant financial data from various functional departments and generates valuable financial reports. The financial reports prepared in accordance with accounting standards and comply with government guidelines. EQUAL has inbuilt finance tools such as the chart of accounts, account receivables, payables, cheque printing and PDC to manage the finance section of the organization.

Member Report Management

Our Easy Club Management Software in UAE provides member reports that display member’s information, attendance, events, volunteering and participation points. Further, the reports also display real-time information such as the number of attendees and timetables. These data help to process guests’ arrivals, track attendees and increase information flow across all verticals of your club.

Meetings Management

Effectively schedule, execute and archive meetings directly through the system. EQUAL provides an effective framework for your meeting that helps to determine the priorities, track and analyze all the important insights to improve the performance of the club events. Delivering well-organized meetings can strengthen your brand and build community awareness and increase sales.

History Management

Our best Club Management Software in UAE manages historical data, such as major events, notable achievements and office bearers’ details. EQUAL keeps all the necessary and important information in one place for you, to be available at any time. History management helps the organization to understand the past successful evolutionary process that helps to make better-informed decisions.

Inventory Management

Gain greater insights into the stock IN/OUT movements and maintain stock flow. Our top Club Management Software in UAE can assist with real-time integration to POS and web store; also provides support for clubs in multiple locations. Additionally, inventory management generates reports that assist to monitor stock levels and ensures to take an effective stock investment decision.

Library Management

Being a cloud-based library management system (LMS), EQUAL integrated library management is customizable and easy to use that caters to all the needs of the librarians of the schools, colleges and universities. Distinct features of LMS include role-based authentication, cataloging, advanced book search, membership Cards, E-Payment integration, bibliographical search and self-service portal.

Bar Management

Integrating a fully automated bar management module, our top Club Management Software in UAE streamlines processes and boost productivity. With our centralized database, you can manage every detail, from bookings and food-and-beverage orders to email, CRM and billing. The module will also take care of good inward from stores and organize processing orders and controlling store.

Procurement Management

EQUAL procurement management system allows to store and retrieve data anytime that enables to streamline procurement of required stock such as raw materials, assets, consumables, etc. Further EQUAL organizes the evaluation, selection, and authorization of contracts with all suppliers that assists to make effective purchase requisition, authorization, issue pay orders using the system.

Human Resources and Payroll

EQUAL helps efficiently plan, organize and manage payroll, HR and labor information that enables us to monitor your club’s performance and make pro-active decisions. The HR module assists to manage data records, attendance and leave of all your employees in one centralized database. This encourages effective communication for seamless HR functions across all levels of the organization.

Lead management

The feature-rich, in-built tools of the EQUAL club management software let you track leads in your funnel. That helps to create and send customized contracts, proposals and invoices to the possible prospects. Further with online payment gateway integration, EQUAL helps to collect signatures and payments electronically that enables seamless cash flow within the organization.

Benefits and Features

  • Build Relationships with your members
  • Receive Alerts about your Club directly on the notification tray
  • View subscription renewal
  • Increase your visibility and accessibility
  • Get latest updates and information on the application
  • Connect with your consumers on the go
  • Supported on Android and iOS
  • Electronic notifications and announcements of events and other news
  • Subscribe for membership and make online reservations through the app
  • Allows to make payments online
  • Register for events and other activities
  • View latest news and updates about the club

Reasons to choose EQUAL club management suite

Track event process and streamline event attendance with Easy Club Management Software in UAE

Member experience

EQUAL keeps members highly engaged and motivated with customized mobile applications that provide a hassle-free way to join, register for events and send payments online.

All-in-One solution

EQUAL Club Management caters to organizations of all sizes and shapes. Further, provides industry-leading solutions to plan, market and analyze their events and meetings.

Powerful insights

Powerful reporting and insights of EQUAL provide a complete view of your entire Club Management business. This ensures to make smart and successful business decisions.

Payment processing

EQUAL deals with invoices and export financial statements to integrate with other accounting systems. EQUAL enables your attendees to pay digitally with a built-in payment processing feature.

Event marketing

Manage social media campaigns, mailing or blog sites from one place. Assist to create an online community to achieve a promotional campaign that engages more people for your club.

Real-time alerts

Alerts and notifications assure you to keep your attendees updated about upcoming events also encourage the club member to view, acknowledge and take action to resolve them.

Transform your club with the top Club Management Software in UAE

EQUAL- one reliable and user-friendly system

EQUAL Club Management is an advanced automation system committed solely to serve the members of the organization. Users can handle memberships, manage hall bookings, organize events and more on a single platform. EQUAL brings your club under one highly integrated and powerful platform that automates processes and helps you streamline all relevant activities. EQUAL also takes care of purchases, inventory and finances so members can take a back seat and enjoy the club offerings. With built-in top-notch features, our Easy Club Management Software in UAE is designed to handle all activities required for successfully running a club.

Full-scale analytics

EQUAL’s powerful event dashboard assists to track club analytics, measure and track the event’s ROI. The collection of real-time high-resolution behavioral event data assists in making changes that improve event efficiency.


EQUAL ERP makes budget management easy as it allows the organization to track the funds and expenses efficiently. The detailed finance records help clubs to eliminate the trouble in budget allocation.


Assist in attracting more people through coupon creation and discount distribution processes. EQUAL allows us to share videos, send newsletters and updates to all the members of the event community.


EQUAL Club Management suite enables the organization to book and reschedule events and appointments. Scheduling helps to visualize club activities that keep track to accomplish goals.


Integration of the latest mobile technology helps to generate and send event tickets online. The intuitive user interface ensures reliable transactions with maximum user-friendliness on all terminals.

Attendee engagement

A successful event needs to engage attendees on a deep level. EQUAL Club Management suite has an online association community that can increase engagement through messaging, photos, video, blogs and forums.

Benefits of EQUAL Club Management suite

EQUAL the comprehensive and flexible event planning suite to manage and provide control over the end-to-end event lifecycle of your organization.

  • EQUAL provides accurate details that assist to streamline events quickly and easily.
  • EQUAL’s right balance of knowledge collaboration provides superior customer service and exceeding client expectations.
  • Our Club Management suite ensures professional and informative communications through automated invoices, emails, and newsletters.
  • Automated administrative work and easy-to-follow procedures enable to clearly define the Club Management process.
  • A centralized and precise real-time information source enhances the sense of collaboration towards the organization’s goal.
  • Ensure the entire process comply with Government guidelines and meet the Objectives of your organization.
  • EQUAL’s flexibility allows you to tailor it based on the corporation’s needs while still maintain control over the sensitive data and management-only settings.
  • EQUAL Club Management suite uses secure encryption to meet the security standard for organizations that handle credit cards.
  • Feasibility and access to all electronic devices across various platforms that helps to improve the profit and proficiency of an organization.
  • Allows you to get the most value out of your resources and time, so that you can deliver the best Club Management experience.

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