EQUAL’s facility management system aims to reduce downtime and ensure optimal operations. The integrated features of our top facility management software Abu Dhabi allow you to track past, ongoing and upcoming maintenance services, thereby reducing the needs for emergency maintenance. Thus, helps to improve the efficiency of your organization’s operations and lower costs. The facility software can effectively reduce cost. However, you need to choose a Facility Management System with the right functionality for example EQUAL ERP suite to get a positive ROI on your investment. Besides, EQUAL allows to schedule maintenance that ensures the contractors work more effectively and efficiently. Since EQUAL facility management system has a range of workspace management tools that make it easy to allocate equipment, positioning field workers and moving assets around a workflow.

EQUAL Facility Management System provides deep knowledge and insight into your facility with the ability to view, analyze, and interpret building-related data in a single platform, from anywhere. Since just looking at a building’s system and control them doesn’t automatically equate to improved performance, safety, and efficiency. By providing analytics and diagnostics, our best facility management software in UAE helps management develop an accurate assessment of building performance with useful data, including real-time alerts. Further, EQUAL provides a built-in user interface with dashboards that not only enable monitoring and control but can also produce charts and display graphs of analytics to support fault detection, diagnostics, historical performance integration and alerts that allow building managers to benchmark costs and consumption patterns across their holdings.

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Facility management services we offer

Exceptional control and monitoring of facilities, assets and resources with the Best FM Software.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Deliver world-class customer service to your facility management clients using EQUAL’s facility management system. EQUAL integrates with key ERP solutions and assists the technicians with efficient scheduling operations. EQUAL has a smart dashboard that allows us to track and manage dispatch order requests with zero delays that improve the overall performance rate. Besides, the efficient scheduling process ensures a swift, smooth and well-organized dispatch process. Our facility management system has effective workflows that enable quick work order assignments to the technicians. Further, EQUAL’s amazing predictive technology ensures the technician to find relevant information about the tenant at his fingertips.

Self-service portals

The platform-independent and customizable self-service portal of our Facility maintenance management software makes it convenient for the managers to manage their operations and help residents quickly. EQUAL Facility Management self-service portal gives your clients the power to better manage the business by having all of their work history and real-time data 24/7 at their fingertips. This feature allows the tenants to place their service requests easily and track the status of their open work orders. A Self-service portal with reporting and analytics features acts as an added advantage while providing customers a secure way to take care of their business at their convenience that improves the tenant retention rate followed by increased revenue.

Notifications & Alerts

EQUAL property management assists in notifying technicians, tenants and other staff members about important event or updates through inbuilt notification and alerts. The alert system helps the technicians handle the job at hand punctually and the tenants to keep track of the service request. The reminder system ensures to receive reminders on property inspection and maintenance schedule. Tenants can receive notifications for scheduled and resolved complaints with our facilities management software. Similarly, the administration also receives an alert on a newly registered request. Further, the tenant can stay updated with the contract expiry or renewal with PDC due dates with the in-built system of EQUAL’s facility management system.

Scheduled Maintenance

With scheduled maintenance features, our Top facility management software Abu Dhabi takes responsibility for the facility and its components. EQUAL Facility Management provides a history of performed maintenance tasks on a facility that includes the details of the repairs and inspections. EQUAL schedule maintenance at repeating intervals or in response to a work request that can improve profitability and workplace safety. Besides, EQUAL describes the upcoming periodic or recurring service details of the facility that allows the conduction of repair works at optimal times. Hence assuring 24/7 brand support across all your facility components, improves visibility into work order management, and increased access to facilities data.

Asset management

End-to-end asset lifecycle management from procurement to retirement. EQUAL ERP assists to track and manage the organization’s assets with a user-definable set of data. Besides supports QR and barcode scanning facilities for instant asset data access. This feature assures our clients with accurate management of multiple classes of assets that include furniture, home/office equipment and artwork. Our facilities management software gives low stock alerts with scheduled maintenance notification and also lets transferring stock across sites with ease. In asset management, we follow preventive and reactive maintenance that can improve the overall life and reduce the total cost to the organization.


EQUAL provides all-driven insights with real-time reporting and analytics to optimize the entire aspects of contract management. This insight allows an easy and intuitive interface that makes the reviewing process easy. The highly configurable and role-based dashboard of our Best facility management software in UAE enables the organization to track key metrics and gain improved visibility into their business operations. Further, the product generates extensive productivity-boosting reports for the efficient business monitoring process. EQUAL lets you export data of the report in both the default and custom forms as a PDF or CSV file for further reference process. Thus, enabling you to remove the guesswork and assist to make a data-driven decision.


Facility Management Mobile and Tab Applications


Mobile Application

EQUAL features FM mobile app to optimize the active synchronization of work orders. The exclusive Android and iOS mobile applications help to establish and ensure communication with field service workers. The application makes your customers experience the ease of availing service requests and real-time notifications. The application lets the user to register complaints with attachments that help them to log their necessities in a detailed manner. Once the complaint registered, the user can track, verify and close the complaints. Additionally, the user can sort and filter the complaints, based on the status of the service request. Further, the technician application from EQUAL’s facility management allows listing work orders based on property, location, status, service or date. The detailed dashboard helps to present the data in a graphical view to verify the whole process on the go. The data includes new, assigned, in-progress and resolved incidents. The technician can create incident that contains details such as property details, tenant availability, complaint categories and the attachments related to the service request.



POWER YOUR BUSINESS- Top Facility Management Software in Abu Dhabi

EQUAL features a mobile application that offers information such as contract details, payment information, assigned tasks, appointments and service requests. The application simplifies the process of requesting services and scheduling bookings while assisting the client organization to allocate services accordingly and maximize efficiency. The mobile application allows us to register issues by providing specific details and images. Using the application, the technician can access data on-site or on the go. The technician can view assigned tasks and choose to accept or return a job. The technician completes the assigned job and can update details such as inspection remarks and finally close the resolved complaint.


Secured Login

The secured login created for protecting business-critical data. Technicians and residents provided with individual secured login that allows only the authorized one to access the information.


Organize, store and display data through the dashboard. The visual and graphical representation of pending requests, assigned jobs, contracts and appointment details provides a clear insight into the ongoing process.

Asset Management

Manages and tracks the overall performance of assets across the business from one centralized database.This improves the lifetime of assets and reduce the capital cost of the management.

Asset Tagging

Facilities with QR/bar code printed asset tags ensure accurate and efficient inventory tracking and streamlined documentation of activities such as maintenance and repairs.

Service Requests

Residents can register and schedule service requests. Based on the service request details technician can accept or return the request. On completion, the status of the request is set as resolved and closed.

Asset Scanning

EQUAL mobile application assists to track and maintain assets from anywhere, at any time. Scanning asset QR or barcodes enables the technician to get accurate maintenance history and eliminate manual data entry processes.

Service Requests

Residents can register and schedule service requests. Based on the service request details technician can accept or return the request. On completion, the status of the request is set as resolved and closed.

Register Complaint

Effectively register complaints to schedule and keep track of maintenance events. The complaints created along with detailed descriptions, documents, maintenance dates and images of the incident.

View Complaint

Our integrated solutions and actionable insights let you view the snapshot of all registered, assigned and resolved complaints. Further enables tracking open requests for updates resulting in improved retention rate.

Reasons to choose EQUAL Facility
Maximize efficiency with efficient field service management

The advanced and distinct features of Facility Maintenance Management Software help to streamline maintenance activities such as Inspection, Servicing and Repair with the built-in facility management module. Maximize the efficiency of your field service business with our EQUAL Property Management suite.

  • Ability to attach images and instructions to request service
  • Allows submitting service requests through Desktop or smartphone anywhere, anytime.
  • View the entire request list under one portal. Sort data based on request category, location and due date.
  • Ability to analyze, track and eliminate duplication of work orders
  • Compatible to full integration with other modules of ERP system.
  • Compatible to full integration with other modules of ERP system.
  • The robust reporting system provides real-time insights to measure facility performance.
  • In-app messaging is available to streamline the communication process and eliminate manual inquiry.
  • Automated workflows and online request portal improve corrective maintenance and response time.
  • User-friendly and intuitive for everyone in the organization.
  • Hassle-free management of the business with efficient management internal teams.
Boost profitability with integrated ERP Capabilities of EQUAL
Discover the benefits and cost-effective advantage of working with the Top Facility Management Software in Abu Dhabi
Better Security

Armed with the top-notch data encryption and the latest security advancements, EQUAL provides more certainty to the client data in real-time. Our Product assists property managers to protect companies’ data and help minimize the impact of the data breach on your operations. Further our cloud-based storage of EQUAL ensures the property data encrypted and backed up safely.

Live Reporting

Efficient analytics and comprehensive enterprise dashboard of our Best FM software provide real-time and high-level reporting system. Further, the instant updating modules help to identify the obstruction for the facility and streamline the management process. The user-defined filters and ad-hoc reporting system provides an incredibly flexible facility management system.

Assured Quality

Our product follows a planned and systematic approach to ensure quality throughout the system. Choosing EQUAL that puts value and quality first enable to control costs and achieve the long-term goals of the organization. EQUAL Facility management system designed based on the aspects of service quality and customer satisfaction. These factors can increase trust and create a great impact on facility management service provision organization.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory organizations usually carry out random audits and periodic inspections to find out whether buildings are compliant with regulatory requirements. EQUAL Facility Management System makes it easy for your facility or building to be regulatory compliant regardless of the industry and company size by reducing the amount of preparation and paperwork required before an audit.

Benefits of EQUAL Facility Management

  • Boost profit rate with dependable integration of tracking and resolving system.
  • Improves cost efficiency with reduced maintenance costs.
  • Elevates business agility.
  • Maximize the life span of building assets
  • Support health & safety compliance.
  • Streamline the decision-making process.
  • Upgrades configuration flexibility.
  • Better visibility with intelligent tools.
  • Optimize contract and reporting analytics.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.

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