How to Manage Human Resources in 2021

18 Nov 2020
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How to Manage Human Resources in 2021


In 2021, with increased employee strength, the responsibility of HR has extended to ensure the productivity of employees at work. This requires the company to have a robust and automated HR software to integrate all the activities of human resources in a single platform. This human resource management software combines different HR processes to ensure easy management and a seamless function of business processes aimed to accomplish the business goals of the company. Human resource management software helps to create a better corporate workflow with reduced manual tasks, build trust and everlasting relationships between employees and the employer.

What is Human resource management software (HRMS)?

HRMS is a software suite used to manage internal HR functions like employee data, attendance, training, benefits, payroll and talent management. Automates most complex HR tasks such as Candidate screening, interview scheduling, recruitment, performance evaluation and reporting.

Reasons to choose Human resource management software over conventional HR management process

When the organization begins to grow, there will be a lot of chances for the HR department to face issues like inaccuracies in salary computation and inefficient employee management, which results in discontent employees. So, HRMS helps to overcome them with its solutions. .

Reasons to choose Cloud-based HR software


Data analysis

The manual collection of Employee data can lead to human error and also take a long time to finish tasks like payroll, attendance, benefits and time management. The Best HR payroll software can help to collect, store and access data of the employment digitally on a single platform.

Statutory Compliance

For an organization to function smoothly, it must streamline and organize with legal frameworks of government regarding PF, ESI, TDS and PT. Since the HRMS can update the regulations automatically, the process made it simple for the HR department.


Best HR payroll software can integrate functions like recruiting, benefits administration, developing personnel policies and procedures and helps the HR team to concentrate on the core process to improve the productivity of the organization.

Functions of Human resource management software



HR software for small and large business have an Employee Self-Service module to create an opportunity for employees to check their details by themselves. This feature helps to view and make changes to their profile which includes uploading contact addresses, digital photographs, training certificates, experience profile and dependent information. They can keep a record of activities like leave management, downloading payslip and tax liabilities. This in turn includes an approval workflow that allows the HR department to verify the updates before accepting them.


Cloud-based HR software helps to manage the employee data in a single database, which allows the employees to access data anywhere and anytime. Every employee of the organization can add details to the database, but the management decides on confirming the data upload process. Some of the employee information includes name, joining date, DOB, contact information, Email ID, previous employment details, Reporting manager, Department, Job profile, designation, payment, Passport, VISA and statutory details like PF, ESI and PAN details.


Payroll management is the process of administering the financial records of employees. Best HR payroll software designed to address the entire spectrum of the enterprise needs includes salary, allowance, deductions and other requirements to ensure effective, accurate and consistent payroll processing. Consequently, promotes seamless integration of leave and attendance information for all employees. Regarding payroll calculation, it automates the process for wages, bonuses, loans and reimbursements that complies with statutory guidelines.


A user-friendly HR software can assist to manage, track and record timesheets with few clicks by tracking attendance automatically. The process of managing and recording employee’s progress concerning time with the help of timesheets can result in a perfect calculation of overtime and off-time payments of employees of your organization. High-level management can utilize this feature to check whether the resources getting utilized effectively. Additionally, it prevents loopholes like buddy punching and miscalculations in attendance.


The attendance portal of HR software helps employees and employers with processing the leave request and attendance details. The integrated attendance system helps to view the leave request with the total number of leave taken and remaining leaves available. Updates regarding leaves notified immediately with an alert system of the software. Similarly, the system is accessible to employees and the employees also got the opportunity to mention the reason behind their absence. If the mentioned reason is genuine, the management can regularize the attendance.


The top HR software can account for easy feedback and employee evaluation that deliver real and effective results. The Performance Management feature allocates individual goals to the employee and also helps to track results effectively. This feature of HR software helps to administer employee appraisals and performance reviews with customized performance appraisal methods. That enables HR teams to align the workforce with the organizational goals and provides insightful data to enhance employee retention with the company.


HR software automates the various aspects of recruiting that include job posting, application screening, documentation and onboarding. HRMS helps hiring managers to recruit applicants, on-board the best talents and build a strategic workforce. For the new hires, Human resource management software provides clarity in their roles, improve the level of engagement and communication within the team. The employee login lets them learn about their team members, organizational policies, list of holidays, upcoming events and other important task updates.


Document sharing is one of the core features of HRMS. Managing documents become easier with Cloud-based HR software. This makes the availability and sharing of documents anywhere and anytime for business needs. However, document access limited by the designation they hold and are customizable by the organization. Saving confidential documents becomes quite secure with high-security systems of HRMS. Further, the cloud-based HR document storage software can improve compliance with policies and procedures in a centralized platform.


Human resource management software helps to plan the workforce required to meet the business requirements. Even when the employees are in remote locations, Cloud-based HR software can manage the workforce and assist to produce optimal performance. Workforce management includes payroll; benefits administration; time, attendance, and scheduling; talent and performance management; and career development. Hence, managing the workforce can make work life easier for your employees that can impact your organization’s bottom line in a positive way.

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