EQUAL HRMS for Hospitality

HR, Payroll and attendance software for the hospitality industry

HRMS hospitality software in UAE

EQUAL HRMS for hospitality offers powerful, scalable easy to use solutions for the hospitality industry. Our HRMS hospitality software in UAE designed to suit your needs and provide you with exceptional support in managing the hospitality business.

EQUAL hospitality management system developed by specialists in the hospitality industry to help organizations significantly manage and seamlessly create an inclusive workplace. Integrate our best HRMS Software for hospitality to meet changing consumer expectations, engaged employees and connect workforce decisions to financial insights.

EQUAL assist the organization to effortlessly achieve their business goals by combining HR, payroll, finance, analytics, and planning in a single cloud-based system that is global and mobile-ready. Consequently, enables the hotels, apartments and other hospitality organization to focus on enhancing customer service, growth and revenue.

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Modules of EQUAL HRMS for hospitality

Transforming the way your HR department works

Leave management

EQUAL HRMS for hospitality management allows setting different types of leaves as per the hospitality guidelines. Employees can apply to leave online and track the status of their leave application from the employee self-service portal. Further, the real-time resource availability with a centralized database, equal assists the HR department to plan and approve leave application of the employees at the instant. Consequently, EQUAL facilitates online leave application, and approval with notifications. Some of the notable features include leave entitlements, encashment and carry forward with user-defined leave types. Thereby helping HR staff to save time in complex leave balance and maintenance calculations.


Attendance management

Integrates with existing biometric or card swipe machines to monitor employee’s time spent in the office that includes a clock in, register break periods, and clock out efficiently. Thus, assisting in accurately calculating the punctuality and absenteeism of the employees in an organization. Further, our top HRMS Software for hospitality allows automating the payroll processing and thus eliminates the need for manual data entry. The organization can also significantly customize minimum hours, late coming, early going and more to record attendance accurately.


Benefits management

Streamlines the benefits enrolment process and eliminates the need for data re-entry. The HR department can access a suite of our tools to manage benefits programs of employees based on the designation like air tickets allowance, welfare fund, employee state insurance, provident fund, gratuity, loans& advances. Especially our system deployed in the cloud and make it accessible from any browser. EQUAL also has cost estimators and pre-tax calculators to make accurate benefits enrolment. Further, with the self-service employee portal, the customer can select the right plan for their family or individual needs with an engaging, consumer-focused enrollment experience from any device.


Employee management

Our best HRMS Software for hospitality assists to handle the entire employee lifecycle right from onboarding to the final exit. With the employee management module of EQUAL, the organization can track and manage all employees in one place. The salient features include managing employee profiles, defining salary structure and tracking history. Although you are having the hospitality industry in multiple locations, EQUAL gives you with real-time information on employee availability that enable us to plan and schedule shifts as per the industrial requirements.


Expense management

Ability to track business expenses and reimbursements made easy with our HRMS hospitality software in Abu Dhabi. Simply set the expense categories like air tickets, train travel, hotel, parking. EQUAL then allows us to easily group expense receipts into a batch and make an expense claim to the organization. Consequently, enables the employees to track the status of the submission till reimbursement. The unique characteristic of EQUAL is that it allows the employees to upload their expense receipt from the employee self-service portal itself. The management can set two levels of the approval process to reimburse your employees. This module includes features like bank/credit card integration, digital receipt management, reporting with automated reminders.


Recruiting management

The automated hiring workflows with centralized database assists to manage recruiting and onboarding processes with better visibility and improved efficiency. The main advantage of EQUAL with the hospitality industry is that it engages employees and helps retain the talent that can decrease employee turnover and increase ROI. EQUAL helps to focus less on the onboarding facilities by optimizing the performance of your recruiting team by tracking KPIs. Further, the HR department can refer to the industry benchmarks and best practices to attract and hire the best talent for their hospitality industry. Integrate EQUAL the easily configurable system with enterprise-grade data security to suit the organization-wide recruiting & onboarding needs.


Learn about the Insights

To know how EQUAL could benefit your business


EQUAL HRMS for the hospitality management dashboard gets all your KPI into a single view with real-time information at your fingertips. That encourages better collaboration and decision making for more proactive hospitality management.



Our workforce analytics enables you to make data-driven decisions. Our HRMS hospitality software in UAE can handle a wide range of employee analytics right from hiring, performance, turnover to absenteeism.



EQUAL hospitality management assists to choose header fields of your own to generate user-defined reports. The unique feature is the reports can be integrated with third-party software or tools and also it is easy to migrate data from the excel.



EQUAL lets you create and view employee schedules online. Optimize work schedules and avoid scheduling conflicts with EQUAL hospitality management software. Further, assist them to plan production schedules based on the real-time availability of resources.



Our HRMS hospitality software in UAE has a centralized database that provides the required data anytime which allows the HR department to assign shifts and make changes to the assigned shifts easily and effectively.



The flexible yet powerful payroll features assist to organize multiple payroll structures in accordance with attendance. Our payroll and HR Solutions for hospitality can integrate with the biometric access system and allows us to process payroll without any human error.


Unified Features

Complete employee evaluation with consistency, efficiency and compliance.

Centralized database

All employee and organizational records saved in our cloud-based centralized database. The centralization allows to access and retrieve all data at ease.


This technical feature of EQUAL can address multiple needs like time management, appointment scheduling, team planning, managing meetings and invitations.

Alerts and reminders

Set alerts and reminders on service request updates and check out/in of guests. This streamlines the communication between management and employees of an organization.


Store and retrieve employee and organization documents anytime and anywhere with the centralized database of our top HRMS Software for hospitality.


Our payroll and HR Solutions for hospitality have the bank-grade data security and end-to-end encryption reduces the security risk of your organization.

Task assignment

The task assignment process incudes simple steps include creating a task, setting the finishing date and assigning to respective employees.

Reason to choose EQUAL HRMS for hospitality management

Since it can forecast your human resource availability and make you prepared for the upcoming hospitality business needs.

Fully Configurable

The system is highly configurable. Based on your need, the policies, workflows and fields modified to meet the business compliance and guidelines.


Simple yet powerful

The design is appealing and easy to follow that doesn’t need any further guidance. Makes your employees quickly adapt to the new technology with EQUAL.


Full-scale solution

EQUAL HRMS for hospitality is an integrated system that covers every phase in an employee’s lifecycle and acts as an all-in-one solution of the hospitality industry.


Real-time insights

Our top HRMS Software for hospitality generates reports and analytics that help to gain insights into the organization and enable us to make data-driven decisions.


Ensure compliance

Act as a single system-of-record that ensures compliance for information and process related to overtime, compensation, absence, training, benefits and more.


Achieve productivity

Our best HRMS Software for hospitality improves productivity with self-service functionality and consumer-grade user experience.

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