EQUAL’s Human Resource Management System


EQUAL’s Human Resource Management System automates and digitalizes all the HR related manual tasks that provide more time to focus on your business. EQUAL HRMS unifies HR, payroll, and talent management that drives better outcomes through a connected workforce. Our industry-leading Human Resource and Payroll Software in UAE can improve the payroll processing and administration functionalities with powerful reporting tools, dynamic dashboards and easy-to-use interface

Harness the power of process automation with the integration-friendly cloud-based HR Software in UAE. EQUAL’s functionalities such as self-service portal, rich reporting system and an integrated payroll system ensure to streamline the HR business operations of an organization. Features such as compliance automation and attendance management processes of EQUAL’s all-in-one workforce management system create significant cost savings for an organization. Our ERP assists to maintain employee records, optimize staff scheduling & streamline the payroll calculation process. These qualities assist the management to reduce the administrative burden as your business grows.

EQUAL comes with the employee self-service mobile application that enables to access data anywhere, anytime and on any device. Employees can check shift schedules, request leave, view pay slips and update personal details.

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  • Best HR software in UAE
  • Cloud-based HR software in UAE
  • Best HR software in Abu Dhabi
  • Human Resource and Payroll Software in UAE

Benefits of EQUAL HRMS

  • Customized and user-defined dashboards with graphical representation promote a data-driven decision-making process.
  • Seamless collaboration between employees across the organization.
  • Role-based access and permissions to ensure data protection.
  • Highly customizable & affordable management workflow.
  • Easy access self-service portal increases employee empowerment.
  • Flexible architecture for the availability of information among departments.
  • Sophisticated and accurate insights on predictive analysis.
  • Ensures advanced data security at a low cost.
  • Improved employee engagement with user-defined policy.
  • Manage and administer several employee benefits in a Centralized HR Management module.
  • Easy performance monitoring ensures an improved decision-making process.
  • Better communication between various departments increases the overall productivity of the organization.

Key Modules

An efficient way to manage your business with the best HR Software in Abu Dhabi

Company Management

Manage multiple companies and branches on a single platform which is an excellent option for clients that work under a group of companies in different locations to manage information on a central platform. Assists with creating flexible shifts based on the working hours, send an advance notification and get employee feedback on the same. These reminders and alert systems streamline the communication between management and employees of an organization. HRMS can restrict or provide access to assigned users based on the job title. This module allows our clients to create employee hierarchy and control data/information flow in the system.

Employee Management

Efficient employee module to manage data records, salaries, etc. The employee management module in EQUAL handles the entire process right from onboarding to the final exit of an employee. EQUAL’s Employee Management module helps your organization to track and manage all your employees in one place. This feature encourages an effective communication pattern for the seamless HR functions across all levels of the organization EQUAL has unique and challenging features that include timely query resolution, smart workforce planning and vision-driven employee engagement. With this unique character, EQUAL can efficiently manage employee profiles, define salary structure, track history and view user-defined policy. Further, examining the stored employee lifecycle record helps to improve the workforce over the period.

Attendance Management

EQUAL attendance management enables to monitor employee’s time spent in the office that includes clock IN, break periods, and clock out. Cloud-based HR Software in UAE promotes excellent punctuality and calculates the absenteeism efficiently. Attendance Management module helps to capture accurate timesheet information. EQUAL streamline leave approval process with multiple approval steps with accurate details EQUAL HRMS eliminates the need for manual data entry and assists in automating payroll processing which ensures complete visibility and improves attendance quality with real-time attendance feed.

Leave Management

Efficiently manage leaves and ensure compliance with leave policies. EQUAL leave Management module predefines calendar holidays and efficiently handles leave entitlements, requests, approvals, etc. Our online leave management system is compatible with small and medium businesses to large enterprises. EQUAL assists to save time in complex leave balance and entitlement calculation. It helps HR personnel to plan production schedules based on the real-time availability of resources. A comprehensive view of the leave requests history helps in quick leave approvals. Avail this easy workflow with EQUAL leave management that increases efficiency and policies that comply with company standards.

Payroll Management

Define pay groups and manage salary structures for employees. The Human Resource and Payroll Software in UAE offers a payroll module that handles employee compensation by automatically processing the payroll. EQUAL ensures accurate payroll every time and eliminates the need for manual data entry. This comprehensive range of flexible payroll reporting features enables us to make informed decisions. Our product can generate advance pay slips, based on salary structures and rules of an organization that assists in meeting effortless compliance.

Performance Management

EQUAL’s performance management module store and update the evaluated performance indicators regularly which helps the HR department to visualize the results from the insights on all aspects of the employee in a convenient way and make data-driven decisions. The powerful dashboard of EQUAL HRMS helps to access the entire employee lifecycle and monitor projects in real-time.
Best HR software in UAE

Simplifies, automates and manages the entire employee lifecycle from onboarding, payroll and EOS from a single window with EQUAL.

Boost productivity, increase revenue and upgrade your business with a cloud-based EQUAL HRMS management solution.

Leverages rich data to yield better insights in business analytics that enables to make appropriate business decisions.

Reasons to choose EQUAL HRMS


Biometric Integration

Our cloud based HR software in UAE can be seamlessly integrated with any biometric and access control device. The biometric integration helps in tracking employee attendance, shifts, overtime and offers complete transparency in monitoring employee working hours and productivity.

Self Service Portals

The Cloud-based HRMS features self-service portals that increase employee engagement and reduce the HR’s burden for mundane tasks. Employees can use their own portals to login and view entitled leaves, raise leave requests, check attendance, view calendar events, salary slips and more.


EOS module automates the entire exit process and also made the complex gratuity pay calculations compliant with the UAE labor law. The built-in EOS module in EQUAL HRMS creates customized separation policies and automatically calculates the end of service based on the salary of the employee.

Workforce Analytics

Be empowered to optimize workforce, analyze trends and reduce the cost of labor through live workforce reporting. EQUAL presents insights into an elegant dashboard. This reporting and analytics feature of our cloud based HR software in UAE enables us to gather and access the entire employee data in a single platform.

Mobile Application

The mobile application offers easy access to EQUAL Human Resource and Payroll at your fingertips. Employees working remotely or on the move can fully benefit from the EQUAL HRMS mobile application. Our best HR software in UAE has advanced features that includes a remote punch in for attendance, approvals, etc.

User Experience

EQUAL has a responsive and minimalist design aesthetic to assure a successful digital transformation. Our best HR software in UAE has simple UI to eliminate complexity and reduces the learning curve with a clear workflow. The light and clean color palette with carefully crafted forms are suitable for professional use.


Features of EQUAL HRMS


Employee Management

  • Employee Masters
  • Employment History
  • Employee Remuneration
  • Employee Insurance Details
  • Employee Documents
  • Promotion & Demotion
  • Increments/Bonus/Benefits
  • Employee Separation

Time & Attendance

  • Work Week
  • Holidays
  • Working Hours
  • Overtime Profile
  • Roaster Management
  • Attendance Regularization
  • T&A Integration (Biometric Device)
  • Manual Timesheets

Leave Management

  • Leave Period
  • Leave Types
  • Leave Entitlements
  • Leave Requests
  • Leave Planner
  • Duty Resumption
  • Carry Forwards
  • Encashments

Loans & Advances

  • Loans & Advances
  • Variable Allowances
  • Reimbursements
  • Deductions
  • Loan & Advances Limit
  • Loan Scheduling

Payroll Management

  • Pay Group
  • Payroll Generation
  • Payroll Processing
  • WPS Reports
  • Payroll JV
  • Pay slip Generation


  • Job Postings
  • Candidates
  • Interview
  • Mobilization
  • Onboarding
  • Offer Letters

Employee Self Service

  • Employee Documents
  • Leave Requests
  • Attendance Regularization
  • Request from Employee
  • Pay slips


  • Course Masters
  • Course Scheduling
  • Course Evaluation

Asset Management

  • Asset Masters
  • Asset Allocation
  • Asset Handover

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