EQUAL Building Maintenance mobile application

Automating mobile workforce and asset management

EQUAL building maintenance application is designed for a maintenance team to streamline the service requirements of the residents and facility of the property. The application empowers the building maintenance to deliver intelligent with more connected service in the field.

Our best technician mobile app assures to improve the efficiency of your building maintenance team by providing them a complete set of tools needed for their field service. With the simple interface, the maintenance team can accurately complete work orders, access the service history to maintain the assets of the facility effectively.

EQUAL mobile technician app designed for building maintenance contains a full suite of field-service tools that supports both Android and iOS operating systems. The maintenance team workers can view the assigned task and choose to accept or return the request. Once resolved, they can add remarks to update and finally close the complaints.

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Features of EQUAL Building Maintenance Application

To optimize processes for better performance

Profile settings

Each one of the maintenance team members provided with secured login that allows only the authorized person to access the building maintenance mobile application. The secured login can help protecting the important data and documents of the members and organizations. Customize unique configurations to the building maintenance mobile app settings based on your requirements. The maintenance team can also customize their calendars and preferences to suit their personal preferences. Similarly, the security settings of the application can change from finger lock to password or face lock to enhance user experience.

Service request

Based on the registered service requests, the maintenance team members can choose to accept or return the request. They can verify the resident’s availability and schedule appointments on the registered service request. On completion, the maintenance team can update the status with comments or remarks and set the request status as resolved or close the service request. The maintenance team can view, filter, and take action for service requests based on the state of the request. There is an option available for the maintenance team to add an attachment of the asset or property from the repair place for resident approval.

Work orders management

EQUAL’s work order management feature is designed for your maintenance team to balance their schedules and tasks in the most demanding work environments to deliver optimized performance. Further, the application assists to analyze, track, and eliminate duplication of work orders. EQUAL building maintenance mobile app automatically generates and schedule work order on the pre-set schedule that sends reminder alerts to assignees when it’s time to perform a service or task. Our comprehensive solution provides features that include customizable workflows, job assignments along with time and cost tracking, and a range of other useful features.

History of service, maintenance & assets

EQUAL building maintenance mobile app allows the maintenance team to view details of all complaints registered by the particular resident. That helps the maintenance team to make informed decision-making process in further scheduled appointments. Consequently, with QR and barcode scanning the application provides asset maintenance history that includes general asset information, guides, manuals and instructions to certain repairs. The details enable the maintenance team to know about the complete history of your assets with the previous remarks, notes and details that help them to improve mean time for repair.

Scheduled maintenance

EQUAL building maintenance mobile application has a scheduled maintenance feature that assists to improve the operation efficiency of your facility. The app for technicians automatically creates recurring work orders for periodic inspection of equipment, building and facility supervision that enables to prevent the downtime and consequently increase the asset life expectancy. Further, the scheduled maintenance features enable the maintenance team to predict the need and properly allocate resources to the job. Allows to focus on efficiency, review all the best practices and procedures to finish the job quick and safe.

Asset management

Enables the organization to introduce best practice maintenance standards and track the entire lifecycle for all types of equipment and assets with our best Technician mobile app in Abu Dhabi. Manage and track your asset performance with the centralized database that improves the overall life of your assets and helps to reduce the capital cost of the management. Asset tagging facilitates the maintenance team to know about the complete maintenance history of the asset without further inquiry from the management. The barcode and QR scanner feature eliminate the need for a manual data entry process. .


EQUAL building maintenance mobile application provides instant access to critical information, and subsequently generates reports that are relevant to property management includes service requests, asset maintenance and call directory. That helps with applicable insights for making better business decisions. The generated reports can be filter, sort and edited to understand better about the maintenance status of the ongoing process. The reports have graphs, interactive bar charts, line charts, or pie charts to display your data. Further, they can download the reports in the form of PDF, CSV or Excel files for further reference process.


EQUAL building maintenance mobile app provides real-time updates to keep maintenance team stay productive and informed with automated alerts and notifications. Our Technician mobile app in Abu Dhabi has effective alert system that can automate the administrative task, keep you ahead of your workload and assists the maintenance team to concentrate on their core duties. Any changes to the workflow updated to the field members by EQUAL’s alert system. The maintenance team receive notification and alert on appointments, maintenance requests, new incidents, scheduled and resolved complaints.


EQUAL building maintenance mobile app has designed a simple and intuitive real-time dashboard that projects the summary status of the entire process at a glance. The entire property/facility data displayed in a graphical representation such as bar, graph and pie charts for quick understanding of the ongoing. The dashboard provides details required for the property maintenance team includes scheduled maintenance, appointments and service request summary. Consequently, the service request summary includes the status and the number of service request based on the month that provides the maintenance team with the required details on the go.


Reason to get a Building Maintenance mobile app in Abu Dhabi

Fully functional property/facility management on-the-go with EQUAL Building Maintenance mobile application


The features and facilities designed with data encryption and the latest security advancements minimize the impact of the data breach on your operations.



Simple yet effective features of our Technician mobile app in Abu Dhabi help building maintenance to rely on the application for all their field related tasks.



Immediate data flow and synchronization that efficiently reduces the number of calls, emails and administration intervening to solve the issue.



Our EQUAL building maintenance mobile application delivers rapid access to the information related to job, status and residents.



Our mobile technician app stores data digitally, reduce the paperwork and also improves confidence while carrying out the field job.



The app for technicians’ workflows, policies, security measures and design structure comply with the client’s business goals.

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