EQUAL Property Management


EQUAL property management system is ideal for real estate management enterprise that enables to monitor properties in a single cloud-based platform. Our leading Real Estate Management Software in UAE assures to streamline property management and automate monotonous tasks that can add significant value to your investment

Our ERP Software for Real Estate in UAE has proven and trusted by small to mid-size companies and large enterprises. EQUAL helps with the effortless management of leasing, finance, and responsibilities of residential and commercial property managers. Our product offers a quick and trustworthy platform to achieve the analytical requirements of the property through an improved reporting system.

The integration of cutting-edge technology provides the freedom to manage real estate without compromise. The ERP suite is flexible enough to meet the current and future necessities of landlords, real estate agents and property managers. Get in touch with our team to get our expertise in Property Management Software in Abu Dhabi.

Several real estate companies utilize advanced Property Management Software to manage multiple properties in a unified platform. Easy-to-use, innovative and flexible structuring option makes EQUAL the best choice for the property management system in UAE. EQUAL designed to help you perform routine at ease like collecting rent payments and handling maintenance requests. Our ERP Software for Real Estate in UAE eliminates all the mundane work and makes it feel like a personal assistant for your business.

Real Estate management Software in UAE

EQUAL Mobile Application


EQUAL has developed an intuitive yet powerful mobile app for property management that centralize your data, reduce task duplications and streamline your workflows. The application provides individual secured login to each user of the application that improves data security. The dashboard of the application provides instant visualization of entire property data regarding contracts, documents and complaints. The residents can store their contracts/documents and access them anytime. Once stored, the application can notify the users about the important document dates and other property-related updates. Further, EQUAL mobile application allows the technicians to view all open, assigned and pending with closed tickets from a single screen. The centralized database with service history and a range of data-rich reports assists the technicians to make an informed decision. Besides, the application has an integrated QR and barcode scanner facility that lets the technician scan the asset tag to generate curated reports that can be further filtered for quick insights.

ERP Software for Real Estate in UAE
Property Management software in UAE
Advanced property management software
Real Estate management Software in UAE

Modules We Handle!

Boost efficiency, save time and focus on what really matters with the best Property Management Software in Abu Dhabi


EQUAL CRM facility assists to stay connected with your prospective customer in a convenient way. The availability and online access to all the information with a centralized database of our Real Estate management Software in UAE enable the staff to provide all the services needed by your customers instantly. That leads to benefits such as reduced cost and increased revenue rates followed by improved brand loyalty and better customer experience.


EQUAL cloud-based solution completely takes over the whole lifecycle of the entire leasing process right from contracting to renewals giving the end-user a seamless experience from start to finish. The leasing module in EQUAL Property Management simplifies the leasing process with contract generation, renewals, termination, Tawtheeq/EJARI management and storing relevant master data such as property, tenant, owner information.


EQUAL enables tracking, managing and analyzing the entire real estate cost and revenue. EQUAL finance module encompasses all financial entities and functions relevant to property management and generates financial reports. Hence providing updated information on accounts and transactions of an organization. EQUAL’s financial operations ensure mortgages, taxes, payroll, insurance premiums and maintenance bills paid on time.


Our Property Management software in Abu Dhabi, UAE increases the utility of a building by regularly servicing capital assets, commercial appliances and areas inside or around the building. EQUAL allows raising service requests to manage and streamline maintenance activities such as inspection, servicing, and repair with its built-in facility management module. Thus, increasing the satisfaction of tenants and thereby improves a company’s reputation


Our Property Management software in Abu Dhabi, UAE assists to keep track of item stock directly from the inventory module. EQUAL provides an efficient monitoring system that centralizes the inventory processes and lets users track in real-time by offering more visibility to supervise and manage stocks. EQUAL’s inventory helps to plan all logistics processes, control information flow and manage entire warehouse goods that improve profitability.


Store information about purchases, invoices and suppliers. EQUAL features a purchase module that automates procurement processes to efficiently monitor purchases of goods and services. The feature ensures fast approval cycles and efficient vendor management that improves supplier relationships. The system provides more transparency to manage and analyze purchases with optimal commercial and legal terms acceptable to both parties.

Real Estate management Software in UAE

Application Glimpse

Maximize productivity with growth-oriented Property Management Software


Delve deeper into lease details with a dashboard designed to reduce inefficiencies, deliver valuable insights and enhance the level of service to landlords, property managers and tenants. The graphical representation of data helps to visually analyze, track, monitor key performance indicators of the property management process efficiently. This tracking process assures you to streamline the pending and upcoming tasks with a simple yet effective dashboard.


Generate reports

Powerful data visualization and reporting tools identify trends and assists to make informed strategic decisions. Our Property management software Abu Dhabi has automated reporting tool that analyzes data and generates customizable reports with invaluable information. Based on the needs, the property manager can edit, filter and sort the data. The generated reports help understanding the maintenance status and the marketing impact of the property.



The key to effective property management is to stay ahead of the workload. EQUAL property management automated notification alert system lets you never miss any critical incidents. EQUAL’s notification update provides better visibility into system alerts and messages that facilitate the right people are acting in the shortest possible time. Further, residents or tenants can log service requests and get status updates from desktop, phone or tablet.


Achieve compliance

Real estate compliance encompasses the sets of regulations that govern properties and their components. Our advanced Property Management Software assists with those regulatory requirements and real estate permissions in UAE. EQUAL is created to undertake risk assessments with procedures, systems, controls and bespoke compliance policies. This submission feature supports industry and accounting regulations to reduce risks and meet audit requirements.


Maintenance & inspection

EQUAL enables to conduct routine preventive maintenance that lets you schedule and track day-to-day responsibilities of inspections from anywhere. These property inspection and maintenance features on one platform lend the intelligent and effortless management of your tenancies and properties. Our Property management software Abu Dhabi enables us to stay up to date on the progress through daily task automation such as tracking and resolving registered complaints.


Template generation

Customizable templates like contract forms, receipts, lease offers and invoices can be generated based on the client’s requirement. EQUAL ensures the client to print the templates anywhere, anytime. The easy click to download templates simplify document creation time, reduce development cost and are easy to use. The print templates are a great fit for the property style that supports your management process and relationships with tenants.


Features of

Equal Property Management Suite



Property Management

  • Unit Availability
  • Unit Reservation
  • Tenants & Beneficiary
  • Brokers
  • Offers & Quotations
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Renewals & Termination
  • Move IN/OUT Procedure
  • Furniture Movement
  • Legal Cases

Financial Management

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Receipts & Payments
  • Payment Terms of Tenancy
  • Settlement Calculation
  • Cheque Management
  • Cheque Printing
  • Petty Cash Management
  • Reconciliation
  • TAX Invoices
  • TAX Filing

Facility Management

  • Complaints
  • General Maintenance
  • Service Request & Work Orders
  • Task Allocation
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Third Party Contractors
  • Annual Maintenance contract
  • Petty Cash Management
  • Owner Approvals
  • Evacuation Inspection


  • Inquiries
  • Lead Staging and Status
  • Follow Ups
  • Lead Conversion
  • Activity Logs
  • Marketing Templates
  • Inventory Valuation

Inventory Control

  • Warehouses/Stores/Location
  • Item Masters
  • Reorder Point
  • Material Requests
  • Material Release
  • Warehouse/Store Transfers
  • Purchase Invoice


  • Suppliers
  • Purchase Requests
  • Request for Quotation
  • Quotation Comparison
  • Purchase Orders
  • Delivery Notes

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