EQUAL Residents mobile application

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EQUAL’s all-in-one residents mobile application specially designed to make life easier for your residents. The mobile application integrated with all the facility management activities providing a complete digital solution that aims to improve the efficiency of operations and maintenance. Our residents mobile application is a native app available on Android, iPhone and iPad.

The application can meet residents requirements and help them log in their service request to the maintenance, facility or property management with ease. Further allows them to track the status of their registered request on-the-go. Simplifying the process of requesting services and scheduling bookings – the application enhance the resident’s satisfaction.

Other than complaint registration the application enables the residents to store their payment, contracts along with bank details and retrieve them on-demand. Get the residents app with popular features in your pocket to deliver world-class professional service for your inhabitants.

Tenant mobile app in Abu Dhabi

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Features of EQUAL Residents Application

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Profile settings

Each one of the maintenance team is provided with a secured login that allows only the authorized person to access the building maintenance mobile application. The secured login can help to protect the data and documents of the members and organizations. Customize unique configurations to the building maintenance mobile app settings based on your requirements. The maintenance team can also customize their calendars and preferences to suit their personal preferences. Similarly, the security settings of the application can change from finger lock to password or face lock to enhance user experience.

Service request

EQUAL residents’ app is centralized and consolidated hence streamlines the communication between the lessor and residents by removing the complexity associated with coordination. Residents can easily register service requests from their mobile application by mentioning the complaint category with the appropriate description. Based on the appointment schedule, the residents can accept or return the appointments. Once completed, the residents can check and verify the status of the request. The residents can register the service request in a detailed manner with the help of attaching images and documents related to the issue. Additionally, they have options to mention their availability that enables the technicians or management to schedule appointments efficiently.


Residents can track the complete cycle of the complaints with our resident’s mobile app. The dashboard of the application lists registered complaints with the status for a quick reference process that helps the residents to keep track of everything on the go. The alert feature of the application notifies the residents of any update on the registered complaints and appointments. The application has a complaint history, which lets the residents view the entire service request history along with the maintenance record. The records can be sorted and filtered based on the status of the service request. If the issue prevails, the residents get the option to reopen the complaint. Thus the application promotes a seamless communication network between the residents and the maintenance team without much hassle.


The contract module of the residents’ mobile app comprises property and charge details. Our EQUAL residents mobile application allows the residents to store all their tenancy contracts and related documents in the mobile application. The cloud-based mobile application ensures security and privacy to the stored contract details. Further allows the residents to access and share the details of their contract details anytime. Residents can view all their cleared and postdated cheque details with payment information and also receive a notification on the due date. Download the charge and cheque details as a report for further reference or verification process. Consequently, the alerts and notifications of our residents’ mobile app automatically notify and alert residents on their contract expiry and renewal date, thus helping them to stay updated on the property related dates.

Mobile apps for residents to track rental properties

EQUAL offers a mobile application for residents to meet their property/facility maintenance needs. Our tenant mobile app in Abu Dhabi designed to engage and effectively manage the residential lifecycle at every stage. Flexible modules and functionality of the application enable your residents to walk through an easy process — transforming them into satisfied residents and retaining them with clear communications. EQUAL residents mobile application to improve operations and quality standards to reduce cost, optimize turn, and drive quality assurance across your portfolio.

  • Automatic inspection scheduling
  • 24/7 document access
  • 360-degree operational visibility

Expertise of EQUAL Residents Application

To streamline the inspection, service and repair process


The dashboard of our tenant mobile app in Abu Dhabi allows us to view all the required information at a glance. The dashboard helps to remind the residents about the complaint, service requests, contracts, and document expiry as a notification in a consolidated view. Additionally, the dashboard shows information with a visual and graphical representation that is easy for the residents to follow and understand. The details include scheduled appointments and the status of the service request that provides a clear insight into the ongoing process.


EQUAL’s residents application has an automated reporting tool that analyzes data and generates highly customizable reports to meet your needs. Utilizing the reports, the residents can Identify trends and make informed strategic decisions. Especially the data on the report can be sort, filter and edited to understand the maintenance status of your property or facility. Further, you can download the generated reports in the format of PDF, CSV or Excel files for other reference processes.


EQUAL residents application has an efficient notification & alert system. Initially the application alert residents on their scheduled and resolved complaints. Then it allows storing the contract documents in the application. The application can automatically check the date and alert the residents on its expiry or renewal date. Other than documents and contracts, the application can send notification about the cheque details. The alerts include Post-dated cheque due dates and cleared cheque details.

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