The Ultimate Guide to Property Management Software

18 Nov 2020
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The Ultimate Guide to Property Management Software


In Today’s world, property managers use Property management software to manage their properties and daily activities. Integrated to increase revenues, and provide better services to the customer, Property management systems are a popular resource for real estate industries. ERP Software for Real Estate gives better control over real estate investments. The suite provides comprehensive authority on rentals, tenancy, service, contract, lease, document handling, asset and cheque management process from the property manager’s office itself.

What is Property management software?

Property management software enables property managers, landlords, tenants and technicians to simplify and automate the task associated with their property. This software is available for multiple types of organizations such as residential, commercial, or real estate property. The software helps to control and access the real estate functions efficiently in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing market.

The Need for Property management software

The best Property maintenance software ensures that the landlords can manage the property with ease, grow your business by spending less time on paper works and other routine tasks.  



After renting the property, meeting the tenant requirements in day-to-day life is an important aspect. Management should handle tenant complaints and maintenance requests without any delay. Property management software helps to address complaints anywhere, anytime with a customized mobile application. The tenants can log in their complaints and requests without much hustle. The consolidated reports generated on the complaint resolved service requests and asset management can help to get the complete control of the property with greater insight.


The success of the whole process depends on the positive and productive communication between the tenants, management and internal team members of the organization. The application lets the management communicate all the important tasks with the tenants on time. The property management software can completely handle the events from registering complaints technician scheduling to resolving complaints. This helps to reduce the manual inquiry time of tenants with the management that minimizes the property manager’s burden on their daily activities.


The complete notifications and alert system of Property maintenance software increase tenant gratification. Once the tenant updates their personal information which includes the contract and leases details, the application gives notification on their contract expiry, renewals, payments and contract issues. Additionally, the system alerts the tenant with maintenance-related notifications like service request appointments containing the technician details allocated to resolve the registered complaints. The reminder system of the property management system can save time and increases revenue when utilized properly.

Must-Have Capabilities of a Property Management Software

Property maintenance software for startups to well established real estate companies must have these following features in them for organizing their business.


Complaint Management provides a ticket system where activities against each raised question/query managed and tracked effectively. This feature is important for quickly responding and solving the tenant’s concerns with ease. The software provides the ability to send alerts on various routine maintenance issues for effective communication with tenants. The tenant can register the service request by mentioning the category with a detailed description, their availability, contact number and email address. The complaint category includes plumbing, pest invasion, safety issues, asset maintenance, structural and electrical issues. Additionally, they can attach a photo to the efficient complaint submission process.


This portal helps to store an enormous amount of documentation for both the tenants and landlords. Streamlined document storage and retrieval system can assist in managing properties and tenants from all important aspects like billing, safety, inspections, insurance and regulatory compliance. In the case of a tenant, they can upload their passport, visa and other medical reports in the document portal. Document management feature allows setting alerts and notification on critical tasks such as contract expiry, renewal, rent payment and other inspection dates. Besides, the instant search and retrieval of all the property-related documents can help the organization to make faster and more accurate decisions.


The intelligent property information with data facilitates the real-estate management to carry out the planning, control and operational functions efficiently. The dashboard of Property management software provides consistent, accurate and up-to-date information that helps to get insights on the go without any particular search. The tenant can verify the contract expiry and renewal details along with complaints available for the verification list from the dashboard. They can also visually verify the pending, upcoming, completed and canceled service requests. Besides, the data collected are tracked and controlled through automated and efficient system to ensure reliability throughout the process.

Having multiple properties in a different location makes the process of management tougher. So, get a cloud-based Property management software, for managing property-related functions to employee maintenance on a single platform in a simplistic approach.

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