Understanding The Importance of Facility Management Software in Today’s Scenario

20 Dec 2022
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Understanding The Importance of Facility Management Software in Today’s Scenario

Facility management software is a type of software that is used to manage facilities. In a nutshell, businesses can use it to manage their buildings and schedule activities that can be helpful for the building and the people that inhabit it as well.

In the new normal, the advantages of facility management software are numerous. They can help businesses save time, cut costs, and improve quality of life creating a healthy environment.

Facility management software saves businesses time by eliminating the need to manually collect data from various sources. This eliminates the need for businesses to spend hours determining how many people work in a building or where they are at any given time.

This type of software also saves money by eliminating the need for employees to spend hours manually collecting data from various sources. Furthermore, because employees no longer have to spend hours manually collecting data from various sources, this type of software improves their quality of life.

How to Choose an FMS That Meets Your Needs

Choosing a good facility management system (FMS) is important before integrating it with your residential areas. Before you begin a thorough assessment and need analysis of facility management requirements must be done. To get the most out of computer-aided facilities management software, you must first understand how and to what extent you intend to use it.

Here are some queries you may ask yourself or analyze before choosing one:

  • 1.How many staff (including maintenance staff) do you have?
  • 2.The type of building your residential management office is placed at?
  • 3.Is your space shared with other residential management offices?
  • 4.How effective is your current decision-making process?
  • 5.Does automation help in project management, asset management, and maintenance management?

The FMS software must be an answer to all the above queries and make your management efforts run more efficiently and smoothly. This could be anywhere between space allocation to workspace management. Here are some more aspects to look at before considering facility management system for your residential areas:

  • ● Are your current systems unable to address the disagreements among employees?
  • ● Are tenants complaining about asset allocations or facilities despite the residential areas having ample space and facilities?

If you are to analyze and derive the answers to these questions, you will be able to get an advantage in smoothing out the day-to-day management activities before implementing FMS for your residential management office.

What are the Benefits of Using a Facility Management Software?

Good facilities management software aims to reduce downtime and ensure peak performance. This is where software such as EQUAL with integrated features helps residential management offices to track past, present, and upcoming maintenance tasks, which lessens the need for urgent maintenance. These features support your company’s efforts to cut costs and improve operational effectiveness. Additionally, EQUAL enables maintenance planning, ensuring that the contractors work more productively and successfully. Given that the EQUAL facilities management system offers a choice of workspace management options, setting up field staff, distributing equipment, and moving assets across a workflow are made simple.

Here are some of the advantages you can look into while integrating FMS:

  • 1. Tracking hundreds of thousands of assets in residential areas
  • 2. Single point of accessing all information
  • 3. Better management capabilities
  • 4. Optimized space management
  • 5. Financial control
  • 6. Regulatory compliance
  • 7. Employee wellbeing

Tracking hundreds of thousands of assets in residential areas

Manually tracking enormous numbers of assets is close to an impossibility today. Facilities today have hundreds of assets spread across at a given time. Without the aid of a computerized system like equal, it is almost difficult to ensure that all of the assets are operating at their maximum efficiency. A computerized FMS proves advantageous when manual tracking is not an option. Once assets are listed in the system, issues could be solved in a proactive way rather than taking a reactive approach.

This way engineers can always know where an asset is, and what to do in case there are problems related to it. EQUAL FMS software enables you to manage all of your facilities’ assets with this clarity.

Single point of accessing all information

If your residential management office is spread across multiple locations and cities a single point of accessing all the information would add convenience. Facilities management software like EQUAL has this fantastic advantage wherein you can map most of your portfolio in one single location or dashboard with drill-down options. Having all the information in one place is a huge time saver for staff who are managing numerous sites at once.

EQUAL can help its users with visual models that help in identifying assets, and areas of space that could be repurposed or improve a residential area’s long-term experience.

Better management capabilities

In the age of real-time data streaming, data-driven approach, and processing, making informed decisions for people and assets using facilities management software saves time, money, and effort. If data is accessible at the fingertips, management becomes a smooth process.

Facilities management software from EQUAL enables you to make decisions faster and achieve greater cost savings and efficiency in residential areas. Easily customizable dashboards, custom reports, etc. can be used to present this data to management, tenants, and clients.

Optimized space management

Good facilities management software helps in optimizing space usage in residential areas.

Traditionally, residential management offices would approach this manually and make the mistake of allocating some places with more people while leaving some areas vacant. In the new normal, following health and safety norms gains top priority.

With Facilities management software like EQUAL, it is easy to evaluate how much actual space is being used in your facilities and determine whether more space is needed. Booking spaces for meetings or allocating new spaces can be swiftly done to eliminate the possibility of double bookings.

Financial control

Facilities management software can help in organizing financial commitments using the following strategies:

  • ● Facilitating the management of purchase orders, making orders completely transparent, and ensuring that all funds are allocated properly
  • ● It enables you to compare offers and providers who will benefit your organization

Flexible sales invoicing options can be customized in EQUAL to ensure that all financial processes are performed automatically. You can fundamentally reduce costs across the board by using EQUAL facilities management software.

What to expect from EQUAL FMS?
      • ● The technicians schedule jobs effectively
      • ● EQUAL’s intelligent dashboard, we can follow and handle dispatch order requests with no delays, which raises the total performance rate
      • ● EQUAL provides a quick, coordinated, and smooth dispatch procedure backed by effective scheduling mechanism
      • ● EQUAL offers efficient workflows that allow personnel to assign work orders quickly
      • ● EQUAL’s predictive technology guarantees that the technician have required data at the fingertips
      • ● EQUAL is a platform-independent and customizable self-service portal
      • ● Managers using EQUAL can run their businesses and provide timely assistance to residents
      • ● EQUAL provides work history and real-time data around-the-clock
      • ● EQUAL Facility Management self-service platform can process service requests and monitor the progress of open work orders
      • ● Customers can benefit from reporting and analytics capabilities
      • ● EQUAL property management sends timely alerts and messages to technicians, tenants, and other staff members about events and upgrades
      • ● EQUAL has an inbuilt alarm system to assist personnel in completing tasks on time and keeps track of service requests from renters
      • ● The EQUAL platform also has a reminder system to keep property inspection and upkeep schedule
      • ● EQUAL also has features to help tenants receive notifications for complaints that are planned and resolved
      • ● EQUAL has scheduled maintenance features, assumes responsibility for the facility and its components
      • ● EQUAL Facility Management maintains a record of all maintenance tasks performed on the residential facility, including details on repairs and inspections
      • ● EQUAL tracks the facility’s upcoming periodic or recurring service details, allowing repair work to be completed at optimal times
      • ● EQUAL ERP assists in tracking and managing the organization’s assets through smart asset lifecycle management
      • ● EQUAL supports QR and barcode scanning for instant asset data access
      • ● EQUAL provides low-stock alerts as well as scheduled maintenance notifications
      • ● EQUAL allows for simple stock transfer across sites
      • ● EQUAL offers real-time reporting and analytics
      • ● EQUAL is a highly configurable and role-based dashboard that allows the organization to track key metrics and gain better visibility of business operations
      • ● EQUAL lets you export data of the report in both the default and custom forms as a PDF or CSV
Final thoughts

Getting Started with EQUAL’s facility management software is easy. Facility management software adoption leads to an effective and well-run residential ecosystem. The employees maintaining the residential facility will be well-informed about the place. Digitization and automation can bring efficiency into the picture, saving time and cost, leading to well-maintained facilities.


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