What are the tenant and landlord maintenance responsibilities

26 Aug 2021
Tenants and landlords

What are the tenant and landlord maintenance responsibilities

  Every rental, lease, property, and facility management follows some basic maintenance program for their assets, process, and equipment to prevent any unexpected breakdown followed by the inconvenience caused to their clients, residents, or tenants. Even though issues related to maintenance activities still pop up in the rental properties. In that case, both the tenant and the landlord have their responsibilities to address the raised issue. As per the local law, the landlord has the responsibility for property to a standard that ensures tenants have a safe and clean living space. Similarly, tenants/residents still have their list of maintenance responsibilities to abide by as well.

In this blog, we will learn about – the landlord duties and tenants as routine maintenance keep the lease in good condition.

Landlord maintenance responsibilities:

Being a Landlord of the property holds some responsibility to ensure that the facilities are inhabitable for their tenants. Following is the list of duties for which the landlords are responsible. But they may vary according to – the type and location of the property.

Maintenance requests:

Regarding the maintenance request, the residents can submit them whenever issues arise. The requisition can be in the form of a written, voice, or an e-mail.  The landlord holds the responsibility of responding to them in a reasonable amount of time.

Safety maintenance:

The landlord of the building has the responsibility for keeping every basic structure of the building safe. The liability includes floors, stairs, walls, equipment, assets, and roofs. The management has to recheck and remove any possible hazardous material from the property.

Emergency checklist:

Before providing the property to tenants, make sure to check if all the emergency exits work and have no blocks in them. Management should provide them with all emergency safeguards. For example., If the property is having a swimming pool, place rescue equipment like life jackets and ropes for safety assurance.

HVAC systems:

Provide all the Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Cooling systems in working condition. The landlord also can charge the resident for the cost if they handled the asset without any precaution. Then the tenants will be solely responsible for the breakdown.

Scheduled maintenance:

The Landlord of the property has to schedule maintenance for every asset in and out of the property. The process to make sure they are working in an optimal condition. This method can reduce – the downtime of the equipment and improve end-user experience, also reduce further maintenance costs in the future.

Compliance regulation:

For compliance regulation, the landlord of the property or lease has to maintain a secure database.  The database has to store, access, and handle every document associated with tenants and the organization. The records may include tenancy contracts, bank statements, and maintenance records stored securely.

How tenant mobile application for business helps the landlord to fulfill his responsibilities?

Integrating the tenant mobile application for business can help the landlord with a range of features. Here we will list you with a handful of advantages for your reference.

  1. 1. Having the tenant mobile application for business helps the landlords – receive the maintenance request instantly and act accordingly. On-time response helps to reduce the downtime and improves the resident experience with the property. Resident satisfaction improves the resident retention rate eventually.
  1. 2. The centralized databaseof the application has a secured login feature – that allows the landlord to save all crucial documents. The records include the reports from tenancy and organizations. Further, enabling the management to access, download, and share the legal tenant documents whenever they need them without any delay.
  1. 3. The dashboardof the application lists all critical updates – on the rental/lease property with all the upcoming prime activities. Assisting the landlord – to reduce time consumption and let them refer to the required information on the go without much hassle.
  1. 4. The landlords can store every detail of the asset and their maintenance history and related information in the multi-tenant mobile application. That helps the management team – keep track of the scheduled maintenance list, including inspections, adjustments, regular service, and planned shutdowns.
  1. 5. Alerts & Notification system of the application – helps the landlord or the management team know about the emergency notification, maintenance request, update, and alerts regarding any document or contract expiry date. Thus, helping the management easily connect with their residents and keep them satisfied.

  Tenant maintenance responsibilities:

The landlord is not the only one responsible for maintaining and keeping the property in shape but for the tenants who reside in the habitat.

Asset maintenance:

The tenant’s important responsibility is being respectful of the assets and every object present in the property. Utilize the equipment or appliances for the intended purpose alone. Further, it is their responsibility to keep them clean and in optimal working condition.

Report problems:

Inform the maintenance management about the issues, and the service request immediately includes plumbing, heating, gas, cooling, or ventilation categories. The instant recovery can help with reduced downtime of the equipment and also lowers the repair cost.

Waste management:

Renters are responsible for keeping the area clean that is in and around their property. They should discard the trash regularly and not throw them randomly, but dispose of them in their allocated location. The proper disposal can prevent pest infestation to a big instant.

Mold prevention:

Keep the property hygienic. Awful maintenance can result in mold growth in damp areas. If the mold grows outside your property or due to the leaky tap, which you have already informed – then it is the management’s responsibility to handle the issue.

Safety maintenance:

Keep an eye on the gas, fuel, HVAC and emergency exits, smoke alarm, and related concepts. These systems are sensitive. Hence report and recover any damage caused to these things immediately. The renter has the responsibility to notify the management instantly since – they use the facilities in a daily manner.

Abide by the law: 

Before acquiring the property, know your right and responsibility as a resident since meeting the legal duties is key to a successful tenancy. Always keep track of the contract expiry, bank details, and other reference documents handy for any reference process.

  How tenant mobile application for business helps the tenant to fulfill his responsibilities?

The consistent evolution of mobile technologies – lets the maintenance management deliver the top-notch multi-tenant mobile application for their tenants/residents. The intuitive mobile application connects the tenant to the administration or the landlord in a much simpler way than expected.

On-the-go verification:

The dashboard of the tenant mobile application for business – holds most of the crucial data needed for the tenants in their daily activities. From the dashboard, the tenants can check and track scheduled appointments, registered requests, and more.

Maintenance Request:

The tenants can register the maintenance request to the maintenance team with tenant availability and the contact address. This process of sending service requests directly to the management reduces the time consumption for both the tenants and the administration.

Document Storage:

The tenant has to keep bank details, tenancy contracts, passports, and other documents handy to access, refer and download them for any lease-related work. The centralized database of the tenant mobile application for business lets the tenant save and access them anywhere and anytime.

Virtual inspection:

The virtual inspection features let the residents drag and drop the photos and images of the issue to the management. This method creates a more polished and professional experience for the tenants of your property.

Track service request:

With the tenant mobile application for business, tenants get the opportunity to track their registered service requests. Following the service request status and its process from the mobile application enables the tenant to concentrate on their daily activities.

Alerts and Notification:

The notification system of the multi-tenant mobile application provides alerts on the task, such as document expiry, bank jobs, and property-related status updates that simplifies communication and let the residents have enough information on the on-going process.

  We conclude that both the tenants and the landlords have their duties and responsibilities in the property or lease. Having a custom-made tenant mobile application for business can help the maintenance process easy for both the landlords and the tenants.

We have developed an intuitive and capable building maintenance application called EQUAL that could simplify the communication between the management and tenants. Further, integrating the application improves maintenance routines and safety regulations of the property. Want to know more about our EQUAL building maintenance application? Schedule a free demo with us today.

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