What Benefits are Associated with the Building Maintenance Application

03 Feb 2021
Building Maintenance mobile app

What Benefits are Associated with the Building Maintenance Application


Technology has transformed the lives of field service technicians more comfortably. Integrating the building maintenance mobile application ensures the property and the facility are being properly checked, inspected, repaired, and maintained regularly. Utilizing the advanced techniques for building the apps for service technicians can provide all the required information in the palm of their hands. Further, the on-time service deliverance with field service mobile app can take the reputation, reliability, and revenue to the next level.

What is a mobile building maintenance application?

The app for service technicians has GPS, barcode, QR code scanner, notifications, and messaging features integrated to optimize and manage work orders, inspection, view scheduled jobs, following customers, planning tasks, and track asset management more efficiently at reduced time.

Why do you need a building maintenance mobile application for your organization?

In today’s world, mobile maintenance application plays a crucial role in facility and property management since they improve productivity, efficiency, transparency, and customer experience. There are two reasons which describe why mobile applications are used generously among all the field service operations.

  • Smartphones are more common and are available to most peoples.
  • Availability of internet connection, GPS, barcode, notifications, and more features.

The above-stated reasons are available at no extra costs which, encourage the organization – to integrate a building maintenance mobile application for their business or build a custom-made field service mobile application that suits their specific needs and requirements.

Benefits of building maintenance application

The best service technician app can boast of offering several benefits to businesses. Here we will provide you with a selected list of advantages from the field service mobile application.  


Streamline administration

Integrating a building maintenance mobile application for your technicians offers real-time visibility for the technician, supervisor, and customers. The real-time visibility allows the administration to control the technicians towards the most priory work in-demand.

Standard asset tracking

All the data about the asset with its history of maintenance stored in the mobile application and lets technicians refer them on the spot. Referring anywhere helps them to resolve the issue quicker without further guidance from the senior executives.

Work order efficiency

Regarding work orders, the technician mobile app has an alerts system – that enables the technicians to stay alert on the allocated new tasks and scheduled maintenance requests of the day. The alert system helps to improve the response time and remove overdue maintenance issues.

Instant updates

The clear and concise updates as a notification alert enable to connect the technician to their field service without fail. The emergency alert feature and group messaging feature are the latest features incorporated in the building maintenance mobile application.

Improved scheduling

Dispatching is one of the notable advantages of the field service management application. The centralized database has data of all the on-going tasks, updates, and latest jobs in one place that enables to schedule and assign particular technicians to the repair or service locale.

Minimum downtime

Any asset of the facility can undergo a certain period of downtime in its lifetime. But the mobile apps for service technicians can schedule and alert you on preventive maintenance tasks and provide you with all related details instantly that reduce downtime.

Better collaboration

For efficient facility, asset, or property maintenance, we need better team collaboration and integrity. The mobile apps for service technicians allow us to get the updated information on all the matters regarding the facility instantly that helps everyone on the same page.

Improved inventory control

The building maintenance mobile application has a database that -stores the details of every available inventory. Technicians can check – the availability of required parts or machinery before going for the service to the field that reduces inquiry time to solve the issue.

Real-time reports

The data-rich reports are one of the valuable assets of any organization. The mobile apps for service technicians have reporting facilities that let the technicians and administration get a complete insight into any case and enable them to work in an efficient dynamic manner.

Improved safety

As a facility administrator or the manager, they are responsible for maintaining a wide range of business operations. Getting updated reports, the latest updates from the dashboard, and asset maintenance alerts can remove human errors and ensure safety.

Technician productivity

The mobile apps for service technicians come with all handy equipment needed by the technicians include GPS, SMS, and QR code scanner for asset details. The asset maintenance feature has the customer service request history that assists technicians – to solve things and increases the first-time fix rate of the issue.

Adapt with trend

As the business environment is continually evolving at an improved pace, the building maintenance mobile application enables the business to adapt to these changes by integrating the upgrades in combination apps with the latest technologies leveraged for staying on top of the trend.

The mobile apps for service technicians – can send work orders directly to the service technicians in the field, reducing the waiting time for the next work order allocation. Further, the application dashboard allows us to understand – the entire tasks, updates, and schedules instantly for the technicians. Hence, the mobile app for technicians delivers the best customer service by removing the complex administrative process.

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